War against Mankind: Greece wildfires – Fukushima – U.S. stormseries

1. Yesterday I did a little research in “strange findings from space-programs” in youtube – and on this occasion “met again” with Richard Hoagland, Timothy Good, Richard Dolan, Peter Levanda  on stage in RED ICE RADIO, giving an outlook to a conference on “secret space programs”   in AMSTERDAM, April 2011.

2. So now it`s EASY to CONNECT patterns, that NORMALLY one would not see as connected: NAZI – KZs, Fukushima plus earthquake and tsunami, US supercell-storms and stormseries, Greece wildfires – to which we may add: wildfires in California, Australia, the Norway “spiral” as connected in TIMELINE  with HAITI-earthqake  (and even in timeline with the ceremony of presenting the Nobel-price to U.S. president Obama!!). And well, New Orleans with this odd “Catherina”-hurricane seems not quite natural as well.

3. WHY were we able, to see connections here? Well, especially FARRELL books on POSTWAR NAZIS and ALLIED LEGENDS of 20th century recently brought us to the idea, that in 20th century we have seen a MASSACRE ON ENTIRE MANKIND – that however escaped other observers, because they had other MONSTROSITIES quite more apparent to deal with. The other thing in especially Farrell books is, that he is dealing with a FAR ADVANCED MODERN HYPER-PHYSICS, that has STARTED with the GERMAN-NAZIS und since then has INFILTRATED ALL SCIENTIFIC NATIONS by method of EXPORT OF NAZI-SCIENTISTS to the U.S., Russia – the Russians were more clever than the Americans and at some point in time ELIMIATED ALL NAZI-GERMAN SCIENTISTS from their ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS and simply sent them back to former DDR – , France and Britain – with exception of Germany, Italy and Japan of course, which however by PREPARED PLANS FOR A POSTWAR-NAZI-UNDERGROUND EMPIRE simply could CONTINUE their SECRET FAR ADVANCED WEAPONRY-PHYSICS, which included SPACE-PROGRAMS, which we suprisingly indeed find in Italy, Germany and Japan of TODAY, plus in former NAZI-friendly SWEDEN and ARGENTINIA (and may be Brazil).

4. We may introduce here in very short the following CHARACTERISTICS of TODAY HYPER-PHYSICS as STARTED in NAZI-GERMANY:


4.2 planet-burst capacity

4.3 capability of SHIFTING THE ORBIT OF PLANETS and other heavenly bodies, INCLUDING CHANGING THE ORBIT OF PLANET EARTH ITSELF (as for instance has been forseen in a rare book from an Edgar-Cayce-Center in Britain written by EDITH FARROW)



4.6 DIRECT TECHNOLOGICAL INFLUENCE ON THE HUMAN BRAIN even of GREAT GROUPS (as in use in military) or even on ENTIRE REGIONS AND POPULATIONS (which indeed has been discussed in connection with the socalled “Iraq – Syndrom”).

5. Richard Hoagland in above mentioned Red ICE RADIO interview now said something nearly incredible: IT MIGHT be thinkable, that there is a SMALL HUMAN ELITE equipped with FAR ADVANCED technologies, that is pondering the IDEA, that – perhaps beyond some sort of slave labor – presentday population is OVERCROWDING the planet and has TOO GREAT AN ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, which will affect the PARADIES-EXPECTATIONS, this SMALL ELITE is trying to realize FOR THEMSELVES ONLY. This Hoagland idea is FAR FROM JOKING, and DELIVERS something, that is a monstrosity in itself, that is: SOME RATIONAL for a REAL PHENOMENON, which Buike Science And Music has proposed to see as MASSACRE ON ENTIRE MANKIND in 20th century, to which we now may add the FUTURE EXPECTATION, that indeed this SMALL HUMAN ELITE will go as far, as to ELIMINATE say 1/3 to 2/3 of presentday world-population, so to say, just as measure of increasing THEIR ELITE CONVENIENCE.

6. If we have a STRATEGY of some sort of POPULATION-CONTROL and even PLANNED DECIMATION OF GENOCIDAL RANGE  -so monstrous this may seem to normal people -, we now have to proceed to the question, which TECHNOLOGY IS NEEDED to set into effect such MADMAN-strategy, not just any technology, but a FAR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, THE PUBLIC IS HELD UNAWARE OF. Well, we would need especially  some sort of MASS-DESTRUCTION methods whatever, resulting in GIGANTIC NUMBERS IN DEAD.

7. We may now introduce some considerations on the FUKUSHIMA event and the Japan megaquake, BECAUSE these megaevents  fit into the main operative DEMAND for the above HYPOTHETISIZED strategy. And here we have the following things:


7.2 the reported DEATHTOLL in NUMBERS comes TOO SHORT the expectation – and MAY BE WILLINGLY FALSE, (Or in other words: IF THOSE LOW NUMBERS IN DEATHTOLL ARE TRUE, there then with sufficient certainty CANNOT HAVE BEEN A MEGAQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 9 PLUS ADDITIONAL TSUNAMI 1000 km long, 5 km deep landwards)

7.3 the reports on RADIOACTIVITY are FAR TOO LOW, to allow a COMPARISON WITH TSHERNOBYL, which however has been made in all medias,

7.4 ODD HANDLING OF THE DESASTER by the JAPANESE GOVERNMENT plus ODD REACTIONS from the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, resulting BOTH IN SOME SORT OF INADEQUATE so to say “inactive INEFFICIENCY” (for instance: what EXACTLY DID the 100.000 men from Japanese army, that according to medias were deployed?)

8. Well, now we have really some difficulties, to corroborate if not proove our allegations.

8.1 Surprisingly we find in youtube a MULTITUDE of videos by whomever, connecting the Japan-megaquake with the HARP-project in Alaska. This however of course is NO PHYSICAL PROOF, but may be taken as some sort of BLINDFOLDED ESTIMATION OF A VIRTUAL GROUP ON A SUBJECT NOBODY HAS FULL KNOWLEDGE about. This EFFECT of VIRTUAL GROUPESTIMATION  is known since long in STATISTICS – and for whatever reasons really does work, nobody knows WHY.  Example: In 2001 CNN  put an general inquire to listeners: “How long will the war against terrorism in Afghanistan be.” The STATISTICAL MAJORITY of ca. 70% or so at that time answered: “10 years”! Well, there is some SPECIFICS in those youtube vids, in that they are not only connecting the Japan mega-quake to HARP/Alaska, but ADDITIONALLY to CERTAIN CLAUD-FORMATIONS video-producers for NOT EXPLAINED REASONS took as INDICATION, that HARP-technolgy was applied. THOSE VIDEOS MAY NOT BE TOTALLY WRONG WITH THOSE CLOUD -ALLEGATIONS, because once we saw a COLLECTION OF VERY STRANGE CLOUD pics in the webpage of TOM BEARDEN, who is referred to frequently in Farrell and others, CLAIMING that those STRANGE formations INDEED may be INTERPRETED as HINT, that SKALAR-PHYSICS of some sort has been applied and used, however NOT SPECIFIC to WHAT APPLICATION EXACTLY.

8.2 Purely by accident equipped with above  VAGUE DIRECTION of SEARCH in the UNKNOWN we found in Kopp-publishers newsletter a short article by Andreas von  Retyi (Hungarian family from Habsburg-Empire times), which is worth to be quoted in full here in German:


source: http://info.kopp-verlag.de/hintergruende/geostrategie/andreas-von-r-tyi/aufgeheizte-atmosphaere-vor-erdbeben.html


Aufgeheizte Atmosphäre vor Erdbeben

Andreas von Rétyi

Vor dem schweren Beben, das Japan am 11. März erschütterte, stiegen die Temperaturen in der irdischen Hochatmosphäre deutlich an. Dies berichtet jetzt eine amerikanische Forschergruppe. Demnach zeigen Messdaten eine merkliche Erhöhung der Infrarotstrahlung über dem Epizentrum. Die Ursachen gelten als noch nicht bekannt, einige Theorien gehen davon aus, dass tektonische Veränderungen sich auch auf die Ionosphäre auswirken. Und wenn es genau umgekehrt ist?

Was Wissenschaftler jetzt bestätigen, lässt aufhorchen: In den Tagen vor dem katastrophalen Tohoku-Beben, das die Stärke 9 erreichte, zeigte sich eine eklatante Temperaturerhöhung in der Ionosphäre. Die Maximalwerte seien wenige Stunden vor dem Beben erreicht gewesen, so erklärt Dimitar Ouzounov vom NASA-Goddard-Raumflugzentrum.

Bereits im vergangenen Jahr konnten mithilfe des DEMETER-Satelliten ähnliche Veränderungen in der Hochatmosphäre ermittelt werden. Damals zeigte sich auch ein merklicher Anstieg extrem niederfrequenter Radiosignale kurz vor dem ebenfalls heftigen Beben in Haiti. Schon länger bekannt ist das Phänomen einer Lithosphären-Atmosphären-Ionosphären-Kopplung. Demnach bewirken tektonische Prozesse aus physikalisch allerdings nicht geklärten Gründen eine Aufheizung der Atmosphäre. In Verdacht steht dabei auch der Austritt von Radongas. Die Folge: Eine Ionisierung der Luft in der Bebenregion, wodurch es schließlich zur umfangreichen Kondensation von Wasser kommen soll. Da Kondensationsreaktionen Wärme freisetzen, könnte die atmosphärische Veränderung damit erklärt sein, meinen einige Forscher. Doch als nachgewiesen gilt der Vorgang nicht. Überhaupt wird auch die Existenz einer solchen Kopplung längst nicht von allen Geophysikern anerkannt. So kommentiert der neuseeländische Physiker Craig J. Rodger dieses Phänomen sehr kritisch und erklärt, der Zusammenhang werde nur in kleinen Fallstudien festgestellt, nicht aber in statistischen Analysen, was darauf hindeute, »dass die vorgeschlagene Kopplung gar nicht existiert«. Rodger bezieht sich dabei auf eine Veröffentlichung des japanischen Wissenschaftlers M. Kamogawa, die 2006 im Magazin Eos erschienen ist. Kamogawa selbst weist allerdings auf den Umstand hin, dass die statistische Situation allein angesichts der – glücklicherweise – relativ seltenen Zahl sehr starker Beben nicht ausreichend geklärt sei. Im selben Satz aber macht er auch klar, dass aktuelle, sehr wesentliche Ergebnisse weitere Studien zu jener Kopplung anregen dürften. Kamogawa wie auch andere Forscher haben über die Zeit einige Prozesse angesprochen, die möglicherweise für eine enge Verbindung zwischen irdischer »Gesteinssphäre« und Hochatmosphäre sorgen. Eine Gruppe russischer und deutscher Physiker listet ebenfalls eine ganze Reihe denkbarer Konzepte auf. Die Forscher präsentierten diese Möglichkeiten 2007 in einer Arbeit zu aktuellen physikalischen Modellen einer Lithosphären-Atmosphären-Ionosphären-Kopplung. Einleitend erinnern sie an die erste Erwähnung einer Änderung ionosphärischer Parameter: Im Jahr 1965 berichteten K. Davies und D. M. Baker, wie sich die atmosphärischen Bedingungen beim sehr starken Alaska-Erdbeben 1964 geändert hatten. Es war übrigens die Zeit, in der Nicholas Constantine Christofilos, ein griechisch-amerikanischer Physiker, grundlegende Arbeiten zu extrem niederfrequenten Wellen (ELF) leistete. Er legte nahe, sie zur Langstrecken-Kommunikation für Atom-U-Boote zu nutzen. Christofilos war Mitglied der JASON-Gruppe (JASON Defense Advisory Group), bestehend aus jungen Wissenschaftlern, die zur Beratung der Regierung installiert und durch die MITRE Corporation als Pentagon-Kontraktor verwaltet wurde. Die Konzepte von Christofilos führten nach Weiterentwicklung  durch seinen Kollegen und Freund Bernard Eastlund schließlich zum mittlerweile berühmt-berüchtigten HAARP-Projekt in Gakona, Alaska … Nicht zuletzt stellt sich in diesem Kontext tatsächlich zunehmend die Frage, inwieweit umgekehrt eine atmosphärische Anregung zum Auslöser von Beben werden kann, wie unter anderem auch HAARP-Kritiker erklären. Immerhin, HAARP, angeblich ein rein ziviles und offenes Forschungsprojekt, ist eine Anlage, durch die ganz gezielt elektromagnetische Strahlung in die Ionosphäre geschickt wird, um sie aufzuheizen. Wenn die Kopplung besteht, kann sie dann in beide Richtungen wirken? Dass Erdbeben und Hochatmosphäre tatsächlich in einer physikalischen Wechselbeziehung zueinander stehen, das zumindest unterstreichen jetzt die neuen Erkenntnisse.


To this essay Kopp newsletter just in mid of June 2011 ADDED FURTHER EVIDENCE even from NASA research even published in U.S. science papers  in an essay by Ethan Huff!

source: http://info.kopp-verlag.de/hintergruende/geostrategie/ethan-a-huff/neue-forschungen-der-nasa-deuten-auf-moegliche-verbindung-zwischen-haarp-und-erdbeben-tsunami-in-jap.html



Neue Forschungen der NASA deuten auf mögliche Verbindung zwischen HAARP und Erdbeben/Tsunami in Japan hin

Ethan A. Huff

Neue Daten, die Dimitar Ourounov und Kollegen am Goddard-Raumfahrtzentrum der NASA im US-Bundesstaat Maryland veröffentlicht haben, verweisen auf merkwürdige atmosphärische Anomalien über Japan, nur wenige Tage vor dem schweren Erdbeben und dem nachfolgenden Tsunami am 11. März. Eine scheinbar nicht erklärliche rapide Aufheizung der Ionosphäre direkt über dem Epizentrum erreichte laut Satellitenbeobachtungen nur drei Tage vor dem Beben ihr Maximum. Dies könnte darauf hindeuten, dass möglicherweise gerichtete Energie, die von Transmittern freigesetzt wird, die beim High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) verwendet werden, für die Auslösung des Erdbebens verantwortlich war.

Die Erkenntnisse, die in der Zeitschrift Technology Review des Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) veröffentlicht wurden, werden gemeinsam mit einer anderen Theorie präsentiert,der sogenannten Lithosphären-Atmosphären-Ionosphären-Kopplung, die von der Hypothese ausgeht, dass die Aufheizung der Ionosphäre durch das bevorstehende Erdbeben verursacht wurde, da aus der Bruchlinie radioaktives Radon ausgetreten sei. Diese Theorie ist natürlich alles andere als bewiesen, sondern sie wird als mögliche Erklärung für die beobachteten hochdichten Elektronen und die freigesetzte Infrarotstrahlung vorgestellt.

Eine weitere Erklärung für diese merkwürdige Aufheizung – die bei genauerer Untersuchung erheblich wahrscheinlicher erscheint – interpretiert diese als Anzeichen dafür, dass konzentrierte Energie eingesetzt wurde, um das Erdbeben auszulösen, und nicht umgekehrt. Zahlreiche glaubwürdige Berichte und wissenschaftliche Beobachtungen besagen, dass die HAARP-Technologie als skalare Waffe eingesetzt werden könnte, dass sie also starke elektromagnetische Pulse freisetzen könnte, die zu einer Wetterveränderung oder Erschütterungen an seismischen Bruchlinien führen können.

Es gibt Hinweise darauf, dass HAARP nicht nur Erdbeben auslösen kann, sondern dass es möglicherweise in Japan eingesetzt worden ist.

Schon ein kurzer Blick auf die Grafiken, die im Rahmen von Ourounovs Forschungsergebnissen präsentiert wurden, zeigt eine fast perfekt ringförmige Erhitzung über dem Epizentrum des Bebens. Wären Radon-Freisetzungen aus den Bruchlinien tatsächlich für die Erhitzung dieser Zonen verantwortlich, so würden diese mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit ein eher unregelmäßiges, vereinzeltes Erscheinungsbild aufweisen und nicht als konzentrische Kreise erscheinen. Diese Anomalie allein widerlegt die Theorie, das bevorstehende Erdbeben habe die Hitzemuster hervorgerufen.

Auch Messungen des Induktionsmagnetometers von HAARP, der das Frequenzspektrum von Signalen sichtbar macht, die im geomagnetischen Feld der Erde entdeckt werden, zeigen, dass schon Tage vor dem Erdbeben stetige extrem niederfrequente Wellen (ELF) von rund 2,5 Hz ausgesendet wurden. Die ELF von 2,5 Hz ist zufällig genau dieselbe Frequenz wie die natürliche Resonanz, die ein Erdbeben hervorruft – und da es in den Tagen vor dem Beben keine ständigen Erdbeben gab, worauf die Aufzeichnung des HAARP-Induktionsmagnetometers schließen lässt, so lautet die logische Schlussfolgerung, dass das Signal ausgesendet wurde, um das Beben auszulösen (Press Core).

Mancher würde nun einwenden, HAARP sei gar nicht in der Lage, solche Frequenzen zu produzieren, schon gar nicht bei der Energiemenge, die nötig wäre, um ein Erdbeben von einer Stärke von über 9 auszulösen, wie es sich in Japan ereignet hat. Doch dem widersprechen Äußerungen verschiedener Regierungen.

Am 28. April 1997 hielt der damalige US-Verteidigungsminister William S. Cohen einen wichtigen Vortrag bei der Konferenz über Terrorismus, Massenvernichtungswaffen und US-Strategie an der University of Georgiain Athens im US-Bundesstaat Georgia. In Beantwortung einer Frage über Terrorismus sagte Cohen Folgendes in Bezug auf die schon damals existierende Technologie:

»Andere betreiben sogar eine Art Öko-Terrorismus, durch den sie mithilfe von ferngesteuerten elektromagnetischen Wellen das Klima verändern sowie Erdbeben und Vulkanausbrüche auslösen können.« (U.S. Department of Defense)

Dieses Eingeständnis steht im Widerspruch zu den Behauptungen anderer, eine solche Technologie existiere nicht und es sei unmöglich, durch den Einsatz von gerichteter Energie seismische Erschütterungen auszulösen. Die Technologie gibt es offensichtlich schon länger, die Vorstellung, dass sie als Waffe eingesetzt wird, ist alles andere als eine haltlose Verschwörungstheorie.

Darüber hinaus gibt es den Bericht der EU über Umwelt, Sicherheit und Außenpolitik, der am 14. Januar 1999 veröffentlicht wurde (Europäisches Parlament). In diesem Bericht werden bestimmte Waffentypen beschrieben, ein Kapitel trägt die Überschrift: »HAARP – ein klimabeeinträchtigendes Waffensystem«.

In dem Papier wird erklärt, HAARP werde »von der US Air Force und Navy gemeinsam betrieben«, eine seiner Zweckbestimmungen sei es, »Teile der Ionosphäre mit starken Radiowellen« zu erhitzen. Der Bericht enthält auch das folgende wichtige Detail:

»HAARP ist für viele Zwecke einsetzbar. Durch Manipulation der elektrischen Eigenschaften in der Atmosphäre lassen sich gewaltige Kräfte kontrollieren. Wird dies als militärische Waffe eingesetzt, können die Folgen für den Feind verhängnisvoll sein. Durch HAARP lässt sich ein fest umrissenesGebiet millionenfach stärker mit Energie aufladen als mit irgendeiner anderen herkömmlichen Energiequelle. Die Energie lässt sich auch auf ein bewegliches Ziel ausrichten, u. a. auf feindliche Raketen.«

Später wird HAARP als »globale Angelegenheit« beschrieben, wobei betont wird, dass den meisten völlig unbekannt ist, dass es überhaupt existiert. Dieses Papier wurde schon vor mehr als zehn Jahren verfasst – und seither hat sich, trotz wiederholter Bemühungen, HAARP transparenter zu gestalten, nicht allzu viel verändert. Doch wenn HAARP tatsächlich der Auslöser für einige der scheinbar natürlichen Katastrophen, die in der Welt auftreten, ist, dann überrascht es nicht, dass das Programm noch immer weitestgehend geheim gehalten wird.

Den HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer können Sie über den folgenden Link ansehen:

HAARP Magnetometer


Quelle für diesen Artikel:



Well, these two essays simply say, that  there had been some SPECIFIC observations during  great earthquakes regarding changings in the IONOSPHERE reported by academical researchers – but it is NOT CERTAIN, whether this is  a GENERAL PHENOMENON FROM NATURE or may be linked to HARP-technology – which is in appearance some sort of SPECIAL RADAR INSTALLATION – so that we are putting the PRECAUTION here, that THERE MIGHT BE OUT THERE SEVERAL RADARSIMILAR INSTALLATIONS CAPABLE OF HARP-TECHNOLOGY, which is just a SPECIAL use of special configurated radar. (Because otherwise we would have to draw the conclusion, that IF HARP in Alaska really has been involved, the UNITED STATES or GROUPS WITHIN THE BLACK PROJECTS OF THE U.S. have committed an ACT OF WAR AGAINST AN ALLEY, which really seems PHANTASTIC INCREDIBLE …)

8.3 With this we – sadly – have reached the point, to take a POSSIBLE CONCLUSION with FAIR PROBABILITY or a CERTAIN DEGREE OF CERTAINTY, but shurly not 100 % secured or validated, which is:

YES, from above  little discussion, we MAY INTERPRETE THE JAPAN MEGAQUAKE as ACT OF WAR and HOSTILITY – with even INTENDED INCREDIBLE RANGE OF DEVASTATION, DELIBERATLY SHOCKING  AN ENTIRE GREAT NATION INTO LETHAL  TRAUMA. We may add here: General Powell, U.S., from a visit in Indonesia after the great tsunami there  is on report stating something like: “I never have seen in ANY WARZONE SUCH A DEVASTATION near to COMPLETE!” … which we add here, because it indicates, that devastation by tsunami has something SPECIAL for the HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY!

9. Now IF SO, WHO DID IT? To be HONEST: NOBODY KNOWS ! We repeat: NOBODY KNOWS! (We may however say, that it would be INCREDIBLE to blame the OFFICIAL U.S. government for such gigantomaniac act!)  But we may continue with just checking some arguments, that have been brought forward by those advanced authors mentioned already.

9.1 So, what we may consider first  is some sort of IDENTIFICATION OF GROUPS – or as we would say today: GLOBAL PLAYERS. Well, from REINTERPRETATION – if not: REVISION – of history of 20th century divided into an OPEN VERSION of MERE LEGENDS FOR PUBLIC CONSUMPTION and a CAMOUFLAGED MORE HIDDEN VERSION based upon a HYPOTHETISIZED LONGTERM GERNERAL PLAN, that is claimed to deliver MEANING and SENSE of SOME sort, we may seperate following GROUP ACTORS:

– HARDCORE FREEMASONS, somehow interwoven with the history of the ERA OF PHILOSOPHICAL ENLIGHTNMENT as opposed to FORMER PREVALENT CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP under the ROMAN PAPACY, oriented to “ATHEISM of SOME sort” and at the same time to “SCIENTIFIC PARADIGMAS WHATEVER”, and forming a TIMELINE from the freemason foundation of the U.S. via the freemason motivation of NEARLY CONTEMPORARY NAPOLEONIC EXPEDITION TO EGYPT (which has the SPECIFIC, that it cannot be explained propperly by PURE MILITARY LOGICS)

– INTERNATIONAL FINANCE, which reached the status of GLOBAL PLAYER in 19th century at latest, showing clearly some affiliation to FAMILY-STRUCTURES of only VERY FEW NEW FAMILIES ENTERING BANKING, namely the Vienna-, Paris- and London-Rothshilds,  – leaving the OLD families such as the Thurn and Taxis or few VERY RICH German families from nobility, such as for instance of FRANKFORT-region (German: Hessen), Bückeburg (Schaumburg-Lippe) and the German Duke residing in Hohenems(now Austria, Vorarlberg) to RELATIVELY UNIMPORTANT – , an international finance which however somehow is connected to FINANCING OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, in which we saw some connection to SWITZERLAND BANKIERS of probably CALVINIST provenience or at least of geographical origin from GENEVA,

– the APPEARENCE or SCHEMING INTO EXISTENCE  of NAZIS and COMMUNISTS, which perhaps better should be understood as CONSTRUCTED METHODS TO INFLUENCE THE WORKING CLASS in the age of socalled FIRST INDUSTRIALIZATION to IMPOSE on this working class the STATUS OF HALF-SLAVERY and to PREVENT this industrial work force from MOVING FORWARD TO SOMETHING BETTER.

This may be summarized to the well known timeline of OPEN HISTORY, leading from ROMAN PAPACY as OPERATING  upon the old construction of “holy Roman empire of German nation” – which is by the way a PURELY JURIDICAL FICTION, made up from DELIBERATLY FAKED DOCUMENTS, such as for instance “the Constantinian Donation”- to the BRITISH WORLD EMPIRE of 19th century, which was HANDED OVER TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA by METHOD OF BARBARIZATION OF BEHAVIOR IN WAR CULMINATING SO FAR IN TWO WORLD WARS of the 20th century.

This said, we may place a VERY CRITICAL LOOK at the ROMAN PAPACY, because we may assume, that the handing over of POWER to today prevalent forces may have been based upon some sort of ANALYSIS regarding to WHY, and HOW and to WHAT FINAL PURPOSE. At least, if we see on the photo from SIGNING THE TREATY (concordate) of NAZI-Germany with the Roman Papacy – from 1929 or so – , if we see 2 FUTURE POPES, later Pius XII and Paul VI, this arises CURIOSITY if not BEWILDERMENT, because both CONSTITUTED A CONTINUITY THROUGHOUT the 20th century IN PERSONS AT THE TOPLEVEL MANAGEMENT, especially the then Cardinal MONTINI (Pope Paul VI) later becoming known BEYOND ANY DOUBT as ENGAGED IN FORMING AND MANAGING the socalled “NAZI-RATLINES”, whithout which the NAZIS after the lost war would have had  CONSIDBERABLY MORE DIFFICULTIES to form and place their POSTWAR NAZI-UNDERGROUND-EMPIRE OF TODAY! Well, we do not doubt, that there in the AGENDA of VATICAN somehow is a BENEVOLENT FACTOR X even perhaps “not quite from this world”, but we certainly wood seem near to IDIOT, if we do not take into account, that the DANGER OF LIFE of our own mother and her brother during NAZI-times, leading to the STRONG ASSUMPTION, that in our own French-originated family there VERY PROBABLY MIGHT BE FEW JEWISH GENETICS, would PERHAPS not have become THAT DANGEROUS and DESASTROUS even for our own life, IF THE VATICAN WOULD HAVE HAD ACTED OTHER ON THE NAZI-PROBLEM! To make it clear here: This is NOT meant as some sort of STUPID ACCUSATION, because we have STRONG INDICATIONS, that Pope Pius XI after his letter “Mit brennender Sorge” (“with ardent heart”) – 1936 or 1939 or so -, which in CERTAIN CIRCLES IN GERMANY IS ESTIMATED UNTIL TODAY, because he CONFRONTED the NAZI politics of MURDERING JEWS and DISABLED persons FRANKLY and OPENLY, he very well might have been MURDERED. As simply as that: IF ANYBODY COMES TOO NEAR TO OPENLY SAY THE TRUTH AND ACTING ON TRUTH, he is MURDERED – as may have been THE SAME in the Kennedy-Assasination or in the VERY STRANGE SERIES OF DEATH FROM UNNATURAL CAUSES IN THE FAMILY OF THE LAST AUSTRIAN-HUNGARIAN EMPEROR, which latter especially by the BRITISH has been hindered after World War I., to rebuild their empire in giving Charles of Austria the SAME FATE AS THEY HAD IMPOSED ON NAPOLEON, that is: EXILE TO A SMALL ISLAND somewhere in the oceans. Well, we might say here – more from reason of personal feeling – PERHAPS the world would be a BETTER place, if  “they” had not eliminated the SACRED KINGDOM from TSARIST RUSSIA AND AUSTRIAN-HUNGARIAN-EMPIRE, which both were – other as in standard history paradigma – UPCOMING nations BEFORE First World War.

9.2 We now may have identified SOME ACTORS BEHIND THE SCENE, but have to discuss certain problems. The first is, that from all readings in advanced new authors we may say, that the POSTWAR-NAZI-UNDERGROUND-EMPIRE VERY WELL AND INDEED IS IN EXCLUSIVLY CONTROL OF SOME VERY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, which originated and is originating from the PROJECT BELL (or “beeheeve” or “project Kronos”, hinting to applications in form of something like “time-machines”, such for instance certain propulsion-technology ), which has been brought to public knowledge by IGOR WITKOWSKI from POLAND and HENRY STEVENS from Britain  – honor to whom honor is indebted – , which project to 1952 IN PARTS may have been continued in BARILOCHE/Argentinia, which however in OTHER PARTS may have been continued ELSEWHERE at UNKNOWN locations, some of which – as Farrell is hypothetisizing  – PROBALY even in the U.S. as connected to ROSWELL-incident of 1947 (and to the PHILADELPHIA-experiment??) and other strange occurrences.  THIS WE MAY HELD FOR CERTAIN! However, we are completely in the dark, which advanced technology the FREEMASON`s Fraction may have under their EXCLUSIVELY command – or the INTERNATIONAL FINANCE.

9.3 We now may continue to the probable assumption, that those identified actors behind the scene are in some way or other DIVIDED in their AGENDAS and to some extent CONTRARY in different aspects, but somehow united in their RUN for advanced technologies. From above mentioned RED ICE RADIO interview with Richard Hoagland, we even learned about the Hoagland idea, that AT PRESENT we see SOME SORT OF COUNTERFIGHTING especially from the quarters of INTERNATIONAL FINANCE. Which argument we may corroborate as follows: SINCE 1987 the world has seen an UNBELIEVABLE SERIES OF FINANCIAL CRISIS, each single EXCEEDING the “black Friday of 1929” – but WITHOUT ANYTHING BREAKING DOWN TOTALLY. For this NEW ARGUMENT of Buike Science and Music we give as starting point for further research:

Galbraith, John Kenneth: Der grosse Crash 1929, München: Heyne pbk (1954), actualisized 1988; amric. u.t.: The great crash 1929, Boston, USA: Houghton Mifflin Comp. 1988

A second argument for COUNTERFIGHTING of some sort we may see in the STRANGE fact, that just recently in Mai 2011, the TOP-LEADERS of 3 TOP-ASIAN countries visited the Fukushima region, indicating at least that ALL 3 understood SOME SORT OF COMMON THREAD waged against them (China, South-Korea, Japan).

We have ANOTHER indication for COUNTERFIGHTING in the next point, dealing with ODD problems from RADIATION in Fukushima event.

9.4 The consumer of international media in meantime is not very surprised, if confronted with news, that TEPCO company operating Fukushima facilities without any problems admitted, that there occurred some sort of “MISREADING INSTRUMENTS” – and we are left to believe it or not. Next thing is this ODD comparison with TSHERNOBYL, which however is NOT corroborated by FACTS. The REAL TSHERNOBYL was RADIOCATIVE FALLOUT THROUGHOUT GREAT PARTS OF WESTERN EUROPE plus an INTENSITY OF RADIOACTIVITY leaving an aerea of ca. 100 km around Tshernobyl INHABITABLE until today – which may be COMPARED with official security-radius around Fukushima of 20-30 kilometres only. The next thing is, that in TSHERNOBYL they in the end built a SARCOPHAGE – which however even not as IDEA came up at ANY TIME in Fukushima so far (only in mid June 2011 there were rumors speaking of an IDEA on a PLASRIC sarcophage!!).  METHODS OF MANAGEMENT applied in TSHERNOBYL resulted in a DEATHTOLL among rescue-workers – POORLY PROTECTED – of 100.000 (!!!), not counting LONGTERM DEATHTOLL from radioactivity in PARTS OF UKRAINIA running into the TENTHOUSANDS. In Fukushima VERY ON THE CONTRARY the public is told, that they “somehow” THINK, they can handle the matter within 8 MONTH or so – and the OFFICIAL DEATHTOLL from the ENTIRE row of events – earthquake plus tsunami plus reactor meltdown – is numbered 30.000 ONLY, including missing from tsunami 15.000 people. So to be decisive clear: I DO NOT BELIEVE, THAT ACCOUNTED NUMBER OF IDENTIFIED 15.000 DEAD plus 15.000 MISSING DEAD from tsunami have to do ANYTHING WITH REALITY!

9.5 From RED ICE RADIO interview with Richard HOAGLAND we now may take the following VERY SURPRISING – but NOT unexpected – news telling, that in LABORATORY OF PHYSICS they REALLY DID it, to BRING DOWN RADIOACTIVITY WITHIN 20 MINUTES ONLY. Not unexpected, because we at least since Farrell, Joseph P., The Philosophers Stone, Port Townsend, WA, USA: Feral House 2011, have THEORETICAL SKETCHES, that we may EXPECT in STRANGE MATTER of HYPER-SPIN-STATUS SEVERAL DIFFERENT SORTS OF RADIOACTIVITY – plus we have enough theoretical sketches from other sectors of TODAY HYPER-PHYSICS making it THINKABLE, to NEUTRALISIZE “somehow” RADIOACTIVITY.

THE CONCLUSION FROM THIS IS VERY CLEAR: WE REALLY HAVE REASONS , TO ASSUME RATIONALLY, THAT “someone” has brought in in Fukushima ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY to COPE SUCESSFULLY WITH RADIOACTIVITY, “someone” of course COUNTERFIGHTING, “someone” PERHAPS from JAPAN itself – think for instance of EXPORT of NAZI-technology to Japan plus CONTINUATION OF NAZI-inspired shadow-projects may be until 1946 after Japan surrender, in case of SOUTH KOREA VERY STRANGLY with ALLIED CONSENT under JAPANESE GOVERNANCE (!!!) – PLUS from the U.S.

9.6 Sadly we have to CONTRADICT the OFFICIAL NUMBERS In DEATHTOLL from the Japan-megaevents from another angle of argumentation, which so far are totalling 30.000 dead or so. This we can do by even ROUGH ESTIMATION of POPULATION DENSITY in AFFECTED AEREA. At first we may PICK the SINGLE CASE of SENDAI-town with 1.000.000 population, which we may assume as to be situated COMPLETELY within the DEVASTATION-ZONE of 5 kilometers DIRECTLY at the coast. If we may estimate a DESTRUCTION of SENDAI only to 50 % and if we assume, that this would come near 50 % of population, we from this SINGLE CONSIDERATION have an EXPECTED DEATHTOLL of 500.000 dead.


We now have to continue, that REPORTS are telling something, that the devastation zone had a LENGTH of ca. 1000 kilometres (and even more), which leads us immediatly to simply COUNT ALL CITIES on the SHORE DIRECTLY, which ROUGHLY would sum up to some 20-30 cities EACH OF WHICH with a population between 20.000-30.000 inhabitants. Well, we must not continue here, but it is now REASONABLE, TO DEEPLY DOUBT the OFFICIAL NUMBERS IN DEAD of 30.000 ONLY!

9.7 We may add a last hint to COUNTERFIGHTING: President Medwejew from Russia IN ALL EARNEST made the proposal, that TO HELP JAPAN, Japanese folks are INVITED for SETTLEMENT in SIBIRIA (in which we today have STRONG JAPANESE INDUSTRIAL INTERESTS since some time …),

9.8 VERY SURPRISINGLY Kopp newsletter, author Ethan Huff, date 16th of June 2011 is asking (in translation): “HAS THERE NEVER BEEN AN EARTHQUAKE MAG 9 and has Fujushima been destroyed by FALSE FLAG “little practical nukes” brought in by camouflaged video-cams NEWLY installed”? This is SUCH incredible, that we give link to FULL essay here http://info.kopp-verlag.de/hintergruende/geostrategie/ethan-a-huff/hat-es-in-japan-gar-kein-erdbeben-der-staerke-9-gegeben-neuer-bericht-behauptet-fukushima-wurde-.html   The IMPORTANCE of this essay is CLEAR: IF THIS TRUE, the STORYTELLERS have BETRAYED THE PUBLIC EVEN WORSE – and again we are IN THE DARK, what REALLY HAPPENED! The essay, by the way, is delivering a POSSIBLE motiv for ROW OF EVENTS in assuming, that JAPAN – by WHOM??? – MIGHT have been PUNISHED, say for delivering special nuclear technology to IRAN – which we are left, to believe or not!

10. We now have reached the point for STRATEGICAL CONCLUSIONS.


10.2 The BLACK STRATEGY is ORIENTED TO TECHNOLOGICALLY ELITE, and from their ELITE-“understanding” seemingly DERIVES the “GODLIKE RIGHT”, to BRING DOWN THE POPULATION NUMBERS OF ENTIRE PLANET EARTH. But from a HUMAN standpoint it is somewhat ODD, IF WE FIND NO MERCY WITH DEATHTOLLS RUNNING INTO THE HUNDREDTHOUSANDS. INSOFAR – by the way –  all these today MEGACITIES – or: URBAN AGGLOMERATIONS – may be be seen CRITICAL with regard WHAT THE GUIDING FORCE WAS TO FORM THOSE MEGACITIES and that they for ANY BLACK STRATEGY would be POSSIBLE TARGETS to REALLY GIVE the POPULATIONNUMBERS of the PLANET a HEAVY BLOW, that is: Mexico-City, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, London and – of course – New York, may be Sao Paulo or Rio and others as well. To be more precise: BUT – there always is a “but”! – : “Heavy BLOW” might be MONSTROUS for normal folks, but NOT SUFFICIENT to bring the POPULATION OF PLANET EARTH DOWN BY MINUS 1/3!!!

10.3 SOME observers spoke of a component in BLACK STRATEGY, to be TARGETED to “BREAKAWAY OF CIVILIZATION” – which of course would NOT contradict the GOAL TO HAVE GIGANTIC NUMBERS in DEATHTOLL. This would be coherent with other observers, speaking of “VANISHING GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES” in parts of AFRICA and of course in parts of former Soviet Union, which would imply DIRECT EUROPEAN NEIGHBORHOOD.

10.4 Analysis of COUNTERFIGHTING shows so far GREAT PROBLEMS in HANDLING AFTERMATHS – but on NATIONAL LEVEL of DESASTER PREVENTION is NOT FULLY SUCCESSLESS, both in TECHNOLOGICAL regard even if BELOW technology of BLACK STRATEGY and in ORGANIZATIONAL regard – keeping alive at least  entire populations with housing, food and BASIC needs.


10.6 Especially author DOLAN, R. is hinting to a possible component in COUNTERFIGHTING strategy, in that especially the INTERNATIONAL FINANCE may ELABORATE a GENERAL PLAN OF TRANSITION from OIL- and AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES to ANOTHER INDUSTRY BASED ON ANOTHER ENERGY, in course of which we may be able to LEARN something from the historical transition from wood to oil, from agriculture to the first industrialization even if not showing specifics of GLOBAL as today.

11. This perhaps said enough at least for the strategical professional, we now may continue to DESTROY the FUNDAMENTAL ASSUMPTIONS in the BLACK STRATEGY.

11.1 If we find in Black Strategy SOULLESS TECHNOLOGICAL SUPERIORITY, we may PLACE AGAINST THAT from VEDIC and TAOIST and BUDDHIST and CHRISTIAN teachings, that – as they call it in China – AN ADAPTED TECHNOLOGY and NOT a SUPER-Technology will do good to ALL MANKIND, which perhaps would imply to SOMEHOW RETURN TO MANUFACTURAL ORGANISATION of production whatever. THIS WOULD NOT IMPLY NECESSARELY PRIMITIVITY AT ALL as history can teach. Such an approach may imply, that COUNTERFIGHTING has to RECONSIDER ALL CONCEPTS OF STATE inasmuch those are THEORETICAL CONSTRUCTIONS, meaning that perhaps in the end of such analysis we may find, that BIOLOGICALLY ROOTED FORMS OF HUMAN ORGANZATION may be NOT NEGLECTED, that is: family, clans, tribes.

11.2 The term “GLOBAL” in COUNTERFIGHTING may be reconsidered and redefined, perhaps in evaluating the DIFFERENCE in MEGALITHIC GLOBAL APROACH to our TODAY global approach. For instance: “Global” may indicate a CONCIOUSNESS of UNITY OF MANKIND, but must not be fully “incorporated” in “GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS” of today, namely not in GLOBAL PLAYER INDUSTRIES.

11.3 If we see this RUN INTO SPACE EVERYWHERE – even in BITTERLY POOR countries – we may destroy the assumptions in the HIDDEN SPACEPROGRAMS OF THE BLACK STRATEGY, which is targeted to SEARCH FOR ALLIES FROM SPACE. Christians would CONTRADICT: WE NEED NO SEARCH FOR ALLIES FAR AWAY, because WE HAVE ALLIES and because OUR MAIN ALLY IS HERE, and even promised NOT TO LEAVE UNTIL THE END OF DAYS. In this context we may consider the for an European somewhat strange argument especially from U.S. authors, stressing the point, that MANKIND IF SEEN AS ENGENEERED HYBRIDISIZED “PRODUCT” in a LEGAL SENSE – from standpoint of OWNER of applied technology and “patents” – is PROPERTY of “someone”. Which would mean, that we may be put at rest insofar, as PERHAPS the “first OWNER of mankind-property” will a) APPEAR AGAIN, b) show HIS superiority. The problem would be, that mankind MAY HAVE UNDERGONE  SEVEREL DECISIVE STEPS of GENETICAL engenering, which MAY cause CONFLICT among all those engeneering-groups, which of them has the GREATEST RIGHT for any possible intervention. – If we may just for the sake of argument be allowed, we at this point may hint from our own Eastchristian-orthodox background the following: “Man being a PROPERTY of PATENT owners” may come very near to an UNSPOKEN FAITH of ADVANCED ENGENEERS, reading perhaps similar to: “I believe in my Patent-Owner and his crew of engeneers, because I hope, they will do all the propper technical maintenance to me – hopefully not forgetting, to let me partake in the benedictions or blessings  from a CAN OF OIL from time to time.” WHICH IN OUR ESTIMATION IS JUST LAUGHABLE PHILISOPHY! Christians VERY ON THE CONTRARY may put AGAINST this “thinking of a profit-oriented laywer from patent-business and technology management”, that we were TEACHED (sorry: British English of course “tought”) , to be CHILDREN, LOVED children, and if children then of course HEIRS to the PROMISED HEREDITY, which is NO SUBJECT to BARGAINING, but UNCONDITIONED as in LOVE, and so to say a FREE GIFT, not bound directly to ANY PRACTICAL EXPECTATION or consideration, at least certainly NOT in FIRST PLACE! Well, sorry folks for my temperament!

11.4 BLACK STRATEGY FALSLY is seen to be not confronted with SEVERE PROBLEMS. “THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON ON THIS PLANET” and even in the ENTIRE PLANETARIAN SYSTEM, which IS NOT UNDER CONTROL of BLACK STRATEGY, but DEPENDEND ON GREAT COSMICAL CYCLES (as for instance dealt with in Graham Hancock, Fingerprints of the Gods, London: William Heinemann 1995; German u.T.: Die Spur der Götter, Bergisch-Gladbach: Lübbe hardcover 1995)

11.5 Black Strategy OF COURSE has severe problems from UNKNOWN SIDE-EFFECTS of their advanced technology, which may even come from DEEP SPACE, because this is in the VERY NATURE of today Hyper-Physics!

11.6 From 11.4 it FOLLOWS, that the BLACK STRATEGY has a SMALL TIME-WINDOW ONLY – that they even have to hasten up and run ALL THE TIME, especially to KEEP THEIR SORT OF SUPERIORITY. The reason for this is BASIC FEAR within the BLACK STRATEGY, that they COULD AND CAN NOT DESTROY ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE FROM OTHER SOURCE. BLACK STRATEGY HAS FAILED already, to destroy HEBREW VERY OLD KNOWLEDGE by just GENOCID ON JEWS. THIS HOLDS TRUE for the NAZI attempt for MASSACRE ON GIPSIES – because -as in author PIERRE DERLON we have decisice account of socalled SECRET KNOWLEDGE hereditated by the Gipsy-people somehow, a knowledge, which includes informations on the MYSTERIES OF THE CATHEDRAL OF CHARTRES for instance and on the socalled GRID-SYSTEM of planet earth for instance, but covering some very special other fields of knowledge as well. BLACK STRATEGY COULD NOT HINDER INDIANS AND CHINESE from recourse on THEIR VERY OLD ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE, which even partly UNTIL TODAY NEVER BECAME KNOWN TO FOREIGNERS – as is the case for instance in socalled Ayurvedic-Medicin or in PALM-SHEET libraries, not to speak of several traditions of DIRECT APPLICATION OF THE SUN-LIGHT to living species -, which however PARTLY may explain the GREAT RAPIDITY we all saw in DEVELOPEMENTS in especially India and China. Black Strategy may have IMPOSED ON GREECE all these TERRIBLE DIFFICULTIES of recent times, may be CONNCECTED to VERY OLD GREEK KNOWLEDGE reaching back to the times of a COSMIC WAR and to HYPERBOREA, which however is SO DEEPLY CODED AND HIDDEN in Plato and elsewhere – for instance in RESTS FROM THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA AS PRESEVED IN FORMER BYZANTINE EMPIRE AND THEIR CHURCH -, that BLACK STRATEGY FAILED IN THEIR OVERALL DECODING ATTEMPTS, which may hold true for CERTAIN  SECRET KNOWLEDGE of PHARANOC EGYPT as well. We may put however here the precaution, that Mr. Karl Haushofer (directed to Japan) and Mr. Schaefer (directed to Tibet)  entertained a strange to normal folks interest in OCCULT TIBET – especially the BON – and OCCULT JAPAN during NAZI-times, so that RUMORS of an OCCULT ASIAN-ROOTED BACKUP WITHIN THE NAZIS may not be totally in the wrong. And we may add, that the GERMAN-AFGHANISTAN connection originated in World War II and may have some very OBSCURE “components” …

11.7 So what BLACK STRATEGY is doing, is simply EMBARRASSING BY MONSTROSITY of NONHUMAN sort, TO LEAD ASTRAY,  to even FAKE the PUBLIC PERCEPTION, which we may see in the NORWAY SPIRAL and even in 9/11/2001, for which latter JOHN LEAR – as questionable he is seen by some authors – at least DELIVERED A POSSIBLE SCENARIO of some sort of APPLICATION of SOPHISTICATED HOLOGRAM-LASER-SHOW for to be displayd on SCREENS ONLY for DECEIPTION, telling us by this proposal, that there INDEED MIGHT BE SOMEWHERE SOME PEOPLE WORKING EXACTLY ON SUCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. From Christian teaching we however may CONTRADICT as follows: IT is written, that we “shall see SIGNS on Earth and even in the Skys”, but with the same token those scriptures place a WARNING, that we may be NOT DECEIPTED BY SUCH and NOT LED INTO ERROR. Or in other words: SO INCREDIBLE MONSTROUS events like KZS, GENOCIDE BY ARTIFICIAL EARTHQUAKE and tsunami and even 9/11/2011 – or “something” the Black Strategy perhaps will bring on stage for 2012, to have real HYPE and HYSTERIA –  this is just something like “THEATER SHOW”, to impress and to BREAK MORALS and RESISTANCE – sorry: we are not “playing with gigantic numbers of dead”, but trying to understand the adversary, to DEFEAT him!

12. Now in the end of end: DON`T GET DRUNK by all this stuff. BECAUSE THERE IS REASON, that BLACK STRATEGY will NOT PREVAIL. So, keep all in mind and RE-REED with the eyes focussed on today TECHNOLOGY the following RARE SOURCE written by Edith Farrow – Maps for a new Tomorrow  and published from an Edgar-Cayce-Center somewhere in Britain, because from this source can be derived PLAUSIBLE SZENARIOS – even some sort of “AETIOLOGY” –  and even MAPS NOT CONTRADICTING GEODETICAL, GEOLOGICAL and GEOMORPHICAL EVIDENCE as tried recently by Buike Science And Music.

For copyright reasons we give here a download-link from Open Library for Edith Farrow – Maps for a new Tomorrow


If link does not work, you may try here


PUH, what a TERRIBLE work to do, because VERY FEW think, they are “GODLIKE”. But NO DOUBT HERE, MANKIND WILL SURVIVE EVEN THIS BLACK STRATEGY – but, sadly, WITH TEARS AND BLOOD only, as Winston Churchill once said. We have seen it in Second World War already: NORMAL and QUITE ORDINARY MAN CAN WITHSTAND THE FORCES OF EVIL and even BRING DOWN those, that consider themselves “GODLIKE ELITE” beyond any HUMAND STANDARDS.

And certainly: IF WE CANNOT ESCAPE THE MACHINATIONS, IF NORMAL MAN HAS NO CHANCE WHATEVER, we better may “turn our faces to stone” to BEAR it and TO FACE it and to CONFRONT it. And if you have strange genetics in your family, TRUST THEM, especially if they are Indian, Chinese or Jewish, because BLACK STRATEGY will be VERY UPSET about same. To repeat it: BLACK STRATEGY in all their near to ALMIGHTY SPLENDOR has FEAR about GENETICS, which means that they are AFRAID because of your mother, be she whatever ordenary woman!

And again: TECHNOLOGY we could NOT FIND defined as MAIN TARGET or GOAL of HUMAN EXISTENCE on this planet – in not ANY of VERY OLD traditions, we so far could get at least SOME knowledge of. To give an example: they are TALKING today about WHEATHER-TECHNOLOGY – but I somewhere read from the HOPIS, that you can have your “little appropriate wheather” from methods NON-TECHNICAL at all (which are too much EASY, to be revealed here) …

With this very short elaboration Buike Science and Music is placing the question to the public, what QUITE ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN PUT TOGETHER IN EFFORT to remind the successors of NAZIS (and perhaps their BLACK OCCULT BACKUP somewhere from ASIAN soil) now in place as a SPECIAL HIDDEN TECHNOLOGICAL ELITE, that THEY ARE NOT GOD – and HAVE NO RIGHT WHATEVER even to “play in strategy games” the MASSMURDER of up to – 3 billion – HUMAN BEINGS in FEW TERRIBLE ASSAULTS from a REINVENTED LUCIFEROUS TECHNOLOGY to ADD A SEVERE  FAULT to the KARMIC LOAD from a LONG ROW of DRAMATICAL MISTAKES, humans – and others – did in the MILLENIA before us.

Or in other words: There is from SKALAR PHYSICS and the theories of Nikolai Kozyrev the STRONG indication, that if someone by technology tries to become MASTER OF TIME AND SPACE, he MIGHT be tempted to APPLY ADDITONALLY the METHOD of – artificially “produced” – GIGANTIC EVENTS, because those RESULT IN A CHANGED DENSITY OF TIME on the line from cause to effect and THUS CHANGE THE “normal” SPACETIME ITSELF. They NEED MEGA-EVENTS of nearly EVERY SORT – and we may EXPECT for 2012 a MANIPULATED HYSTERIA – because of this Maya-prophecies stuff – TEMPTING certain people behind the scene, to BRING ON STAGE THEATER-SIMILAR PLANNED MEGA-EVENTS, MAY be AS SHOCKING the world as can be! WHICH OF COURSE IS NEAR TO MADMAN AGAIN – as is and was this entire Nazi-Elite-Freemason-Technology-Science-MAGIC   stuff RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNINGS!

Follow up: 18. April 2012

Everything is much more worse than expected: Today they have very good reasons and arguments to connect the Tshernobyl blast with VERY ADVANCED weaponry, including technically provoked earthquake and EMP … including Soviet-Communist WOODPECKER-antennas for US-similar HAARP-technology …

have a look here (which is very polite in choosing the words)


learn about WOODPECKER here


FOLLOW UP 11.August 2012

Just stumbled upon “anglos-saxonian missin” in Project Camelot – giving a scenario of SHOCK: There INDEED is a GENERAL PLAN since more than 200 years  – according to this witness-report – to which all history at least since Freemason Events of FRENCH REVOLUTION in 1789 and DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE of the U.S. in 1776 has become simply a THEATER PLAY – even the NAZIS and STALINISTS. We may however add, that it seems, that NO BELIEF or RELIGION or CONFESSION is important to this GENERAL PLAN on the HUMAN level, because all the FABRICATIONS are from some “evil-boys-ALIENS”.

To make it short her, we have from Porject Camelot NOW and NEW:

1. Iran shall be TRICKED into NUCLEAR WAR, so that there  would be JUSTIFIED a WAR on CHINA, to STOP Chinas RISE TO WORLD POWER.

2. Both Iran and China ARE NOT REALLY the GOAL of the PLAN, which is a DECIMATION of MANKIND by WAR and SPECIFIC FLU LOCKING INTO CHINESE GENETICTS (!!!) up to 50 %.

3. But 50% RASSIST MASSMURDER on MANKIND is NOT the FINAL GOAL either, which is FINAL DECIMATION TO 500 Million HUMANS, which will SURVIVE only a socalled “geophysical event”, which we may imagine as something similar to TUNGUSKA 1908 or THE DESASTER of 11653 BC, which recently Valery Uvarov has reconstructed in his “pyramids”, 2007, free pdf …


5. Well, with scenarios is the GREAT problem, that we must assume, that they are NOT NEUTRAL and coming from VESTED INTERESTS. So I may hint here to the possibility, that the picture may not be complete and especially something MISSING, which is INDICATED by Crop-Circle-Analysis, which are ONE EVENT on the GALACTICAL level and ONE EVENT in our planetarian system, which both may be preparational to the socalled FIRST MASS-CONTACT with RATHER MORE HUMANFRIENDLY socalled “Alien” and “UFO`s” …

Well, with this I may CORRECT myself my view on Fukushima and especially the scenario of a GERMAN-built submarine with ISRAELIAN earthquake-technology brought in. But what must not change is our impression, that JAPAN MAY HAVE BEEN “PUNISHED”, for CAUSING DELAY in the TIMELINE to WORLD WAR III, which SINCE long is tried be “evil-boys-Aliens” … So far I see, Japan did NOT FOLLOW in 2 points: Japan REFUSED to TRICK Iran into war plus Japan REFUSED to TRICK China into FINANCIAL DESASTER … as did ISRAEL SO FAR STAND FIRMLY AGAINST the OPTION TO OPEN WORLD WAR III with an ATTACK ON IRAN … etc. pp.


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