Joseph P. Farrell: Pros and Cons

It is not quite the fashion of the day, but we really DID it and read MOST of Farrell books – and quite to our own advantage we did so, because Farrell really HAS TO TELL something.

And this is the GREAT PRO for Farrell: HE TEACHES US ADVANCED CONTEMPORARY NATURAL SCIENCES on LEVEL OF STATE OF THE ART. What means “us” here? “Us” here means the INTERESTED amateur coming from HUMANITIES and LIBERAL ARTS, which are normally  even NOT AWARE of DRAMATICAL changes that occurred since EINSTEINS relativity and since quantum-physics brought forward paralell and subsequently by other mainly German authors, like Heisenberg, Schrödinger etc.. THIS FOR READERS WITH SUCH BACKGROUND IN STUDIES IS THE HEAVY STUFF, because normally we find, that people from humanities and liberal arts are in a SECOND FIELD BACKWARD, that is in MATHEMATICS, which in the 20th century made even SEVERAL so to say Cangaroo-leaps, as may be intelligible from a trial to read – and even ENJOY – S. Singh “Fermat`s last theorem”, from which we, by the way may calculate, that Farrell CLEARLY is in maths NOT FOCUSSED on TODAY – so to say: – PURE mathematics, but on SPECIAL BRANCHES of mathematics AS IN USE in today HYPER-PHYSICS.

The second GREAT PRO for Farrell may be considered his contributions to a REINTERPRETATION of ARTEFACTS and BUILDINGS from history of VERY OLD ANTIQUITY, that is: A SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION to this REINTERPRETATION based on the FIRST PRO mentioned above, in delivering in special a NEW TECHNOLOGICAL BACKGROUND for understanding based surprisingly on TODAY VERY ADVANCED HYPER-PHYSICS.


To summarize a little bit, we may say, that those two Pros are AN APPLICATION of TODAY NATURAL SCIENCES, and a SUCCESFUL one, to HISTORY and to quite a LOT OF RIDDLES in history and VERY OLD HISTORY.

With this we have the KEYWORD to start with the CONS: FARRELL CLEARLY IS NO HISTORIAN – nor does he pay SAME INTEREST and SAME DILIGENCE in more socalled “classical history-writing”!!!

The first PRACTICAL CONSEQUENCE from FARRELLS deficits in more classical history writing is, that readers of Farrell would do good to themselves, if reading in ADDITION and CONTRAST ZECHARIA SITCHIN – at minimum, because Sitchin is in parts dealing with the same riddles of VERY OLD history, but from a more strict angle of SUMERIAN sources, treated in all mastery according to analysis of TEXTS and LANGUAGE, and even based on a profound knowledge of HEBREW, so to have ADDITION (or amplicfication) and CONTRAST again.

It`s even worse: In case of Farrell we feel some urge, to ADDITIONAL reading  FROM OTHER CONTEMPORARY authors as well, such as Gilbert, Bauval, Hancock and the like, delivering OTHER aspects FAR APART from socalled MAINSTREAM paradigmas, accent on the plural “paradigmaS”.

From these observations we have to place a BIG CAVEAT: DON`T GET DRUNK BY ALL THE VERY INTERESTING AND INTRIGUING FARRELL-STUFF – and NEVER misread Farrell as some sort of “new revelation”, but take Farrell as HE HIMSELF so often is STRESSING, that is: take Farrell as  HYPOTHETISIZING,  as TRYING NEW WAYS TO FORM NEW RATIONALS – which, as everabody experienced in studies knows, already TOMORROW may be replaced by BETTER FITTING TRIALS.

The SECOND GREAT CON against Farrell may be summarized as “ANNOYENCES”.

For instance: If I – as a GERMAN (at least by birth, not by family) – find referred to the case of GAREIS-murder in the early 1920ies in Bavaria, I really feel little bit annoyed, to find by myself and even in internet, that Farrell linkage to “FEME” and to “HEILIGES DEUTSCHLAND” as reported as last words of STAUFFENBERG are NOT REPORTED ACCORDING TO PRESENT STATE OF RESEARCH (the Stauffenberg words even FALSLY interpreted because of MISSING hint to origin in the “literary” GEORGE-circle) – and even USED to arise WILD IMAGINATION with regard to an – even somewhat – IRRATIONAL FEAR AND IMAGINATION about an “GERMAN IMPERIALISM” dating back to Emperor Frederic II., which is FORMING A PURELY HYPOTHETICAL CONTINUITY, which we however from other parts of German history CANNOT CORROBORATE! Our ANNOYENCE even GREW, as we found these WEAK hints to NOWHERE linked in Farrell to a PRUSSIAN – socalled – SECRET SOCIETY of the LIZARDS, the case of which HAS BEEN CLOSED by REASEARCH in 19th century PRUSSIA! So: NO MYSTERY here! So: NO FEAR here!

We feel ANNOYED, if we find in Farrells latest book “Genes, giants, Monsters and Men” from 2011, a VERY ROUGH REPETITION of the history of socalled “critical method” as applied to the BIBLE mainly from PROTESTANT QUARTERS of some questionable EXTREMISM, delivering NOTHING NEW and therefor NEAR TO WASTING TIME. And if we find in this presentation context a VERY SHORT EXCURS on the NAME OF YAVEH as a short quotation from DELITZSCH readings and misreadings of SUMERIAN sources, we really nearly felt inclined, to produce a SUMMARY on OTHER SOURCES with QUITE QUEER “informations” on YAWEH, of which OTHERS as Farrell are AWARE OF SINCE LONG, perhaps INCREASING the RIDDLE and the PROBLEMS. (Try for instance in connection with keyword “YHWH”, Martin Vogel, Jahwes Aufstieg vom Eselgott zum Herrn der Welt, Bonn 2001 – Martin Vogel on keyword “onos/donkey”, see list of publikations in German Wikipedia – VERY “queer”, VERY interesting! – And after Martin Vogel try: Maier, Gert/Zschweigert, Hermann: Die Hochkultur der Megalithzeit, Tübingen: Grabert 1997, keyword “YHWH” in chapter “Der Name Gottes” p. 420/421)

We feel for instance ANNOYED, if confronted in Farrell with the keyword “Asians and Egyptians in Northern America” as related to the problem of HANDLING MATTERS by the Smithonian Institute and the Smithonian Institution – but OMITTING for instance authors BARRY FELL, HEINKE SUDHOFF and even SITCHIN again, which give a far more complete view of present state of research, not just few newspaper-essays of whatever importance or unimportance.

But – to try FAIRNESS – we felt NOT ANNOYED with Farrell informations on a NAZI-plan to target New York with NAZI Nuclear Bombs, because it is not Farrells fault, that IN MEANTIME we have after German reunification OTHER GERMAN AUTHORS with NEW HISTORICAL MATERIALS resulting in a QUITE MORE DETAILED AND MILITARY REASONABLE UNDERSTANDING. On the contrary: Farrell at least CORRECTLY is placing this “episode” in the context of the indeed VERY questionable socalled “Allied legend on Nukes”, which we agree very much to, to see as SEVERE problem in history-writing on 20th century.

What makes us so “upset” however is the DISCREPANCY between the LUCIDITY in natural sciences and those HISTORICAL ANNOYENCES, which SO EASILY could have been AVOIDED. And please note: WE DO NOT REPEAT HERE THE OLD EUROPEAN PREJUDICE, that it seems as if AMERICANS TEND to be “somehow poor historians”!!

In looking for an explanation beyond just outdated prejudice, we are not sure, whether those shortcommings in SOME of Farrells comments on even RECENT history are due to the fact, that Farrell is a SELLING author – not an author like we ourselves just collecting dust in libraries – and is applying some sort of “marketing incentives” – and here we have really NO PROBLEM to concede ALL GOOD WISHES, that Farrell may EARN A GOOD LIVING from his books.

With this we have reached the concluding GREAT PRO, that reading Farrell is INTERESTING nevertheless, even in parts INDISPENSABLE – but offering NO FINAL RESULTS. Even Farrells PERSONAL STANDPOINT did not become clear more fully to us, which however we see not as fault again, but as a NEW STARTING POINT for FURTHER RESEARCH, and especially as INVITATION to INCREASE OUR OWN THINKING.

The accidental reader however may be WARNED, that Farrell is showing us a TODAY SCIENCE with CATASTROPHAL CONSEQUENCES to EVERYTHING we traditionally held valuable and certain with regard to FREEDOM and PEACE.

Our PLANET is in GREAT DANGER coming from “MANMADE” SCIENCE – and at least FARRELL is HONEST enough, to try to  GIVE CLEAR ACCOUNT, account NOT BIASSED by ERVERYDAY TENDENCY TO OVERSIMPLIFY MATTERS, be it by conventions whatever.

So in the end: FARRELL is FRESH and leading to FRESH – so to say: for better or worse!

And Farrell seemingly has some sort of DEEPLY REGRETTING all possible alternatives leading to “WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER”.

In one word:

FARRELL IS A HUMAN, TRYING TO BEHAVE LIKE A HUMAN – which is QUITE contrary to LOTS of other scientists especially from 20th century and on both sides of the ocean, not even interested in “good or evil” but in ABSOLUTE POWER, which latter the WISE since VERY OLD simply have LAUGHED at!

This settled we have reached our own old question:


We may for instance place the following questions, NOT dealt with frequently:

a) What happens, if MAN as some sort of  “Typus” or “Archetypus” is AS OLD AS PLANET EARTH? (In meantime we have to add: IF DNA-molecule is discussed as being OLDER than our solar system, this may CHANGE a LOT of longheld views!)

b) Did the universe NEED unified theories to come into existence?

c) What will happen to PHYSICS, if “LOVE” and “TRUTH” MAY be tried to be “defined” as some sort of “(SEMI-)PHYSICAL FORCES”? (See “sympathetic phsics” of KEELY-successors in internet … trying a “love-machine based on a love-frequency …, as ODD as this may sound at first …)

Really, “what comes next” may be seen as an outcry – or assumption -, that life NOT NECESSARELY must be BOREDOM – at least not THAT MUCH, as we experience today everywhere and even in universites, those universities that are SO MUCH STUPID, as to place the alternative between “underground-Nazis” and “hardcore freemasons” to everybody entering, in seemingly assuming, that this can go unnoticed – especially to FARMERS and GARDENERS, which are just two of our own professions …

Follow up January 2013

Some month ago I decided to check in detail Farrell allegations on claimed “terrible truncations” and changings  in  Maxwell-/Heaviside-equations – and the public will be rather surprised, that in the end we will have a QUITE OTHER WAY from Maxwell to Heaviside – to in Farrell missing: Hertz, Boltzmann, Gibbs, Lorentz, Poincare – to eventually Einstein. Even if checking Farrells main source for reference Tom Bearden, we could not other than to develop quite another view on developement and questions at hand, especially questions coming from the quarters of mathematics. Meaning: you may learn a lot from Farrell, but you cannot stop there – very certainly so! Main language will be German, second language English … Title will be something like: “Sind die Maxwell-Gleichungen manipuliert?” Or even: Has Einstein been a full idiot in taking in the Maxwell equations – which in Einstein – texts however are called “Maxwell-Hertz-equations”. And even FAR MORE WORSE: IS THERE IN EINSTEINS-WRITINGS leading to the famous equivalence of mass and energy E= mc2  a MANIFEST CONSTRADICTION?????)

Follow up 17.Nov. 2013

At moment I may suggest for further research derived from Farrell-statements:

  • Hitler`s “initiation” in some GERMAN “mystery” coming from Emperor “Friedrich II.” …
  • Prussian “Lizard-society” closed case at around 1450

  • FEME and GAREIS-murder (in Bavaria) after First World War

  • “truncation” and “willful editing” of Maxwell-equations by Heavyside (readers probably will become very surprised, if reading in Wikipedia, that JAN MIKUSINSKI from POLAND famous school of mathematicians (in and around CRACOW) could deliver a GENERAL PROOF for Heaviside-operators in 1953, which even would contradict the VERY INTENTIONS of Farrell-statements int his matter …)

  • Farrell missing the question of POSSIBILITY of OPEN CONTRADICTION in Einstein-texts formulating equivalence of mass/matter and energy …

  • other than Farrell-trials on “history of YHWH” – a) Martin Vogel, Jahwes Aufstieg vom Eselgott zum Herrn der Welt, Bonn 2001 – Martin Vogel on keyword “onos/donkey”, see list of publikations in German Wikipedia – b) Maier, Gert/Zschweigert, Hermann: Die Hochkultur der Megalithzeit, Tübingen: Grabert 1997, keyword “YHWH” in chapter “Der Name Gottes” p. 420/421) – chapter: Der Kreuzgott an den Externsteinen, p. 414-420 – see as basic reference chapter 12 with subdvisions on ASTRONOMICAL topics for to construct the “circle of the year” and the “circle of zodiac”, p. 167-188  c) Zecharia Sitchin

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