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War against Mankind: Greece wildfires – Fukushima – U.S. stormseries

1. Yesterday I did a little research in “strange findings from space-programs” in youtube – and on this occasion “met again” with Richard Hoagland, Timothy Good, Richard Dolan, Peter Levanda  on stage in RED ICE RADIO, giving an outlook to … Continue reading

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Joseph P. Farrell: Pros and Cons

It is not quite the fashion of the day, but we really DID it and read MOST of Farrell books – and quite to our own advantage we did so, because Farrell really HAS TO TELL something. And this is … Continue reading

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On the Sumerian division of the circle into 360 degrees

In his brandnew book Farrell, Joseph P.: Genes, Giants, Monsters and Men. The surviving elites of the Cosmic War and their hidden agendas, Port Townsend, WA, USA: Feral House 2011 the author is dealing – among others –  with problems … Continue reading

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Sathya Sai Baba-letztes Darshan 24.April 2011

Sathya-Sai-Organisation Deutschland    —  Sathya-Sai International —  Sathya-Sai official website Dokumentation der BBC über strafrechtliche Anschuldigungen gegen Satya Sai Baba, einschließlich der seltsamen Polizeiaktion gegen 4 junge Männer, die sich in Saty Sai Babas Räumen – Schlafzimmer? – … Continue reading

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Bin Laden left this planet: Te Deum laudamus

1. On 1st of May 2011 news  circled the globe, that Osama bin Laden met his fate – and was identified without doubt by propper means DEAD. 2. Accidentally we nearly are finished with a new music piece under the … Continue reading

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