70 metal codices from Jordan a FAKE


Follow up: September 2013

The metal-books have a wikipedia-article  in meantime – which is telling DESASTROUS evidence: EVERYTHING on the metal books seems to be a FAKE now. So spare your time!



German Kopp publishers newsletter today told:

They have found in JORDAN 70 metal books (copper, plumbum?, lead) hinting – so far – back to approx. 100 A.C. into EARLY CHRISTIAN TIMES – dealing perhaps with MESSIAN and/or themes of the socalled APOCALYPSIS of St.John (last book of Christian New Testament) …

For full story – with intriguing pics – please goto http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1371290/70-metal-books-Jordan-cave-change-view-Biblical-history.html

And STAY CRITICAL – because from history of socalled Dead Sea scrolls from 1947 and from recent fraud around socalled FAKED burial-box (“sarcophage”)  of St. James, brother of the Lord – we have to exspect a CRIMINAL CASE evolving FIRST – until eventually we will see CERTAIN RESULTS …

And very certainly, ALL the countries involved, will FIRST play their games: JORDAN, to get the archeological artefacts BACK, ISRAEL, where they “somehow” found their way into, to REFUSE that, and BRITAIN, ta gain the honors for the scholarly academical treating … not to forget the VATICAN , who certainly will join in with all the scientific CABALE  that gives the average newspaper-reader this certain feeling of THRILLING, which he likes to escape an otherwise perhaps too grey REALITY …

In other words: READERS HAVE EVERY GOOD REASON TO STAY CRITICIAL – with nearly EVERYTHING that is brought up scientifically and publicly – especially since the bygone 20th century!

Because search for TRUTH needs some MORAL QUALITY in CHARACTER, which however we have seen in all those scientists from NAZI – and STALINIST times MISSING – and quite obviously so … which is continued of course TODAY in the the socalled “scientific-military-industrial-complex” …

Are we TOO PESSIMISTIC here? Perhaps not necessarely! Think for instance on the Guttenberg-case in Germany in early 2011, where a minister was found guilty of SCIENTIFIC FRAUDULENT “working approach” … AND THINK OF THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA, which very probably will continue to be named “CHEOPS-Pyramid”, in spite of the fact, that SINCE LONG it is known, that THOMAS VYSE around 1830 “produced” a BIG FAKE around the “name”, which even in 19th century was DETECTED … Well, readers must not just BELIEVE me! So take please as PROOF for our STATEMENT following book-source:

Sitchin, Zecharia: The Stairway to Heaven, , USA 1980, chapter: the fake of a pharao`s name – German under the title: Sitchin, Zecharia, Stufen zum Kosmos, München: Knaur paperback 1980, p. 284 – 318 (with FULL CRIMINAL REPORT); German hardcover edition: Frankfurt: Ullstein and Berlin: Edition Sven Erik Bergh

Or would readers ever expect, that in the FAMOUS Maxwell-equations for electricity from 19th century, which EINSTEIN used, there was a WILLINGLY placed MISTAKE, produced by editing by Oliver Heaviside? (see: Farrell, Joseph P.: The Giza Death Star Deployed,Kempton / Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press 2003 – chapter: Maxwell`s Quaternion Electrogravitational Physics, p. 171f; chapter: Deliberate Editting (!) by Heaviside?, p. 176

Well, I am Eastchristian-orthodox – and in orthodoxy there is a TRADITION, to STAY VERY SCEPTICAL TO EVERYTHING CLAIMING to be “SCIENTIFIC” … and this may or may be not a protection, at least to a certain degree …

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