Nuclear power: scientific deficits

  1. After mega-quake, magnitude 9, in Japan, 11. March 2011 (please NOTE the occurence of prime-number 11, and ask your books on JEWISH / HEBREW topics) the world again woke up to the PROBLEMS from use of NUCLEAR POWER.
  2. It would be easy, to just jump into the POLITICAL debate on the risks of nuclear power now again – AS SEEN FROM TODAY DISCUSSED SCIENTIFIC THEORIES – and to UNITE IN THE CRY AND DEMAND for AS SOON AS POSSIBLE STOP AND SHUT-DOWN OF ALL NUCLEAR-POWER-PLANTS. This CRY – as everybody knows – is NOT WELCOMED by those in POWER and in BIG BUSINESS for obvious reasons – in spite of the fact, that we all had the chance to LEARN something from the Tshernobyl desaster 1986 , in spite of the fact, that even the OLD THEORIES CANNOT DO ANYTHING in case of CORE-MELTING, in spite of the fact, that to set MILLIONS of HUMAN LIFES TO RISK ist not only a matter of MORALS, but NEAR TO CRIME ON MANKIND! Well, it is a RIDDLE to us, that NO GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEM applied at moment on this globe, proceeded to QUESTIONING THE MANAGEMENT METHODS in place – as if “God had BLINDFOLDED them” … This is one side of the matter, obviously not that promising with regard to CHANCE and NEW RESULTS.

  3. These observations from more practical view lead us now to QUESTION THE THEORIES behind use of nuclear-power in APPLICATIONS for electricity-production and even military, with the intention to deliver ARGUMENTS, that they are OLD-FASHIONED and NOT ON LEVEL OF STATE OF ART, that they moreover are SUPERFLUENT, BECAUSE WE HAVE ALTERNATIVIES, but alternatives OTHER than just socalled bio-energy  or green-engery or renewable energy or alternative energy.

  4. Thus we begin with the HISTORICAL FACTS,

  • that ALL Einsteinian theories TODAY are OLDFASHIONED, because SINCE DECENNIA they have been under HEAVY critizism, because of THEORY-DEFICITS within their BASIC METHOD OF APPROACH, which namely has become clear by the today multitude of trials for socalled UNIFIED THEORIES (or “theories for everything”) and is due to some MATHEMATICAL deficits with regard to development of HIGHER GEOMETRIES, especially those including “SUB-SPACES” for ADVANCED TOPOLOGIES with cosmological “touch” far beyond just “Riemann-geometries”,

  • that the socalled “Schroedinger-equation” – especially if seen from the angle of DEMANDS for unified theories – VERY PROBABLY MAY BE INCOMPLETE,

  • that there occurred in the VERY BASIC socalled MAXWELL-equations (which Einstein of course used) for electricity SOME BASIC FAULTS – really: FAULTS or may be even WILLINGLY MANIPULATIONS by author OLIVER HEAVISIDE -, as may be learned from Joseph P. Farrell, The Giza Death Star Deployed, Kempton/Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press 2003, p.171-178, chapters: Mawwell`s Quaternion Electromagnetic Theory, p, 171 f, chapter: Deliberate editing by Heaviside?, p. 176 f

To sum it up here little bit: Today nuclear-power-plants are not only build on outdated theories, but even on WRONG theories, which in the case of WRONGLY edited Maxwell-theorems is not only BASIC but even A SHAME in history of sciences, at least if seen from the angel of MORALS, which – as everybody knows – sometimes is NOT estimated important, especially not among engeneers in military shadow-projects.

  1. It would be FAR TOO MUCH, to resume here in short PRESENTDAY and ACTUAL level of MATHEMATICS – readers FOND of this topic may try: Singh, Simon: Fermats Last Theoreme, The story of a Riddle, that Confounded the Worlds Greatest Minds for 358 Years, London: Fourth Estate 1997, German hardcover: München, Wien: Hanser 1998, German pbk: München: dtv pbk 2000 – and socalled fundamental physics. We may however recall 3 things from for instance related 7 or 10 or so books by aforementioned Joseph P. Farrell (or other authors  much less didactical and explaining):

5.1 With regard to mathematics modern HYPERphysics – just to have a term for it – may be seen as  SKALAR physics – delivering quite other and rather more plausible NEW “DEFINITIONS”, as in case of SKALAR-“interpretation” of electricity as in above mentioned Farrell source.

5.2 Secondly we may say – very short -. that skalar-physics was very helpful to reconciliate physics with higher mathematical-geometrical concepts of SPACE AND TIME, which in geometrical regard lead to NEW TOPOLOGIES, say of 4 to 6 dimensions  forming especially TORUS-models even with cosmological touch.

5.3 Phenomenons like electricity and especially gravity thus became functions within torus-topologies – which latter however are so to say “EMPTY” – or “VACUUM” of some special NON-EQUILIBRIUM with a LITTLE potential in form of especially INFORMATION. “NEAR- to total vacuum” now became the AGENS – as was with the ANCIENT GREEKS (and until 19th century) the ETHER. Modern HYPERphysics now may be NAMED as “ether-physics” or “vacuum-physics” or “tetrahedral physics”

5.4 We have to add here from just newly arrived book Farrell, Joseph P.: The Philosophers Stone, Alchemy and the secret search for Exotic Matter, Port Townsend WA: Feral House 2009, see chapters “2. Formal definition of Superdeformity”, p, 109-110 and chapter 3. Properties of Superdeformity, a) Spontaneous fission and new models of fission in superdeformed states, p. 110-112, that today they are not longer speaking of just one sort of “radioactivit-y” but have detected a class of multiple “radioactivit-ies” – which by the way is another and additional approach to new ways of trials for understanding – just to have a warning, that further readings may bring further complications  … and that nothing here is “closed discussion” …

  1. To have an example: The child-question, what electricity – or gravity or radioactivity –  “IS” – “is” is one of the MAJOR problems for instance in Bertrand Russels socalled “atomistic period” dealing with FORMAL LOGICS – now may  be answered OTHER, namely that “it is” a FUNCTION OF THE VACUUM, not only INDUCING  a magnetical field, but BOUND TO SOMETHING NEAR TO EMPTY AND NOTHING, the “ether” or “vacuum” – the  INVISIBLE SUB-SPACES of which may held some SURPRISES, especially the surprise, that there is NO ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT that can be considered a CLOSED SYSTEM (leading to PHANTASTIC phenomenons, such for instance, that in an electrical circuit may be GAINED FROM SOMEWHERE ENERGY MORE, than is produced by the “power supply” … which would lead to very odd phenomenon of “computer-madness” with working screens and CPU IN SPITE that machine is CUT OFF from power, which would lead to PRINCIPLE of socalled RADIONICS, just to “make” a circuit nearly from material whatever and see it working, BECAUSE it from “somewhere” can “draw something”, which would be the zero-point of vacuum theories), but is OPEN especially to the SKALARS DESCRIBING THE VACUUM … Or perhaps better put in this words: WHAT IN THIS VISIBLE REALITY APPEARS AS ELECTRICITY; GRAVITY AND RADIOACTIVITY is some sort of “emanation” – please excuse the problematical  associations provoked by the use of this  word – of ONE COMMON SOURCE (ether, vacuum), which in everyday-reality CAN BE MANIPULATED – in spite of the the fact, that 2/3 to 3/4 of the classical-physics-phenomenon are HIDDEN in the INVISIBLE SUB-SPACE-GEOMETRY of ether or vacuum showing quite other properties and reactions – or philosophical speaking: some special sort of NOTHING. It is from this clear, that there SHOULD EXIST a possibility, to NEUTRALISIZE RADIOACTIVITY – isnt it VERY odd, that we never heard anything about this topic???? -, especially if same seen as some sort of WAVE, whos appearence by some sort of INTERFERENCE of a COUNTER-WAVE is HIDING SOMETHING ELSE, that is beyond just crude radioactivity of “normal” relativistic space-time. Or we may choose another verbal approach and try: In spite of the fact, that electricity, gravity and radioactivity SEEM VERY DIFFERENT phenomenons, they “in reality” (of today hyperphysics) are just DIFFERENTIATIONS from the “void” or “vacuum”, DIFFERING NOT IN ESSENCE, but IN SKALAR-“konfigurations” or IN INFORMATION.

7.  Vice versa we may now try: IT MAY APPEAR AS ELECTRICITY, what we “draw” from “geothermic” (i.e. in last consequence “gravitational”), “radioactive”, “magnetic” or  “fossile” sources. Now go on: ONE END-PRODUCT from such DIVERSE sources, may include, that we DO NOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THE SOURCES in NEGLECTING their diversity, that we especially may deal with sources, the PHYSICAL SIGNIFICANCE of which MAY EXCEED BY FAR, the “simple” end-product, HUMANS at moment are so much fond of, such for instance the connections of ALL these phenomenons to LIGHT, and – if we consider electricity-production in LIVING bodies, such as for instance in certain fishes, to the FORCES OF LIFE, implying  DNS-GEOMETRIES (the DNS, by the way, MUCH more flexible, than ever thought before!).  INDEED it seems to us, that IF we find electricity-production in living cells, which – as newly found by Chinese and German research, partly here in Neuss – just recently has added PRODUCTION of “OPTICAL LIGHT” within the 2 cm-sourrounding of EVERY HUMAN – this may teach us, that our today TECHNICAL methods are RATHER CRUDE and that WE CAN HAVE IT ALL, but FROM OTHER WAYS and methods, namely in a DECENTRALISIZED  manner: IMAGINE, if just EVERYBODY can have his own electricity so to say “out of air”, BECAUSE LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY ARE WITHIN EVERY HUMAN (or in near surrounding)  – and must not be seeked for – which would imply, that bolt-emitting or lightning-emitting people like in StarWars-TV-series are FAR from mere fancy … (which may be the REASON, why THIS may have been HIDDEN … so far …) To make it clear here: We just the moment implied, that, what appears as electricity VERY WELL MIGHT BE CONNECTED to GRAVITY and therefore to the UNIVERSE and our cosmological concepts about it!

  1. What we have so far is the  THESIS , that we have ENDOGENE  and EXOGENE “electrical” phenomenons, for which we now name TWO printed sources, just to indicate, that “electricity” is something EXCEEDING BY FAR the everyday-experience:

8.1 Chang, Jiin-Ju / Fisch, Joachim / Popp, Fritz-Albert: Biophotons, essay anthology, Dordrecht, Boston, London: Kluwer Academic Publishers 1998  [it is symptomatic, that Neuss public library did NOT shelf this book, but sold it below price second-hand …]

8.2 Becker, Robert O.: Cross currents, J.P. Tarcher /USA 1990 – German under the title: Der Funke des Lebens, Heilkraft und Gefahren der Elektrizität, München, Zürich: Piper pbk 1994

8.3 From FRESH reading in Farrell, Joseph P., The Philosopher`s Stone, Port Townsend WA 2009, we have to add, THAT NUCLEAR-BOMBS MAY BE NOT, WHAT THEY SEEM – which may have a bearing on nuclear-power-plants insofar as the main process of same may be seen as some sort of “slowed down nuclear fission”, that is: the SAME PROCESS nuclear-bombs are getting their energy from. Please bear in mind, that following argumentation is based on HYDROGEN-bombs, not on Uranium / Plutonium based nuclear processes, which latter however are basic in (most) nuclear plants – but we have something important to learn here nevertheless.

We qote from this Farrell, Philosopher`s stone, 2009, p.154-155:

“… I mentioned the fact that early atmospheric hydrogen bomb testing returned some very anomalous results. For example, when America detonated the first hydrogen bomb – code-named “Mike” – in 1952, its calculated yield was in the neigborhood of six megatons. But the bomb, once fired off, ran away to a yield of about ten megatons, a rather significant difference. ” (p.154)

We have to make a break here, to give thinking a chance: THIS STATEMENT SAYS, that ANY hydrogen-bomb-process CAN GAIN from “somewhere”, 2/3 MORE output, than calculated by classical Einsteinian physics! (This leads to the next step in thinking: IMAGINE only, that the companies in energy-business with nuclear-power-plants may HAVE A LOT MORE ENERGY TO SELL – and to use for shadow-projects – THAN THEY ARE TELLING THE PUBLIC !!!!!)

Okay, back to Farrell source, telling something about SEARCH for EXPLANATION resulting in RATHER surprising NEW THEORIES, the ASTROLOGICAL touch of which escaped – at least here – Farrell and may be others. We continue and read:

” … I have speculated … that such testing revealed anomalous gains (or decreases) in yields depending upon the location of the test or detonation and the local celestial geometry and time it was conducted. (…) … ” (Farrell, Philosopher`s Stone, 2009, p.155

We need a break again, to try some hints for UNDERSTANDING, what is IMPLIED here. Well, the first thing here is, that FUSION-BOMBS are  DEVICES, to OPEN A GATE to the ENERGY OF THE SURROUNDING PLANETARIAN SYSTEM! What is MISSING in Farrell – at least in this place – is, THAT THE PLANETARIAN SYSTEM MAY VERY WELL RESPOND TO THAT !!! NOBODY SO FAR KNOWS HOW !!! It however SINCE LONG has been suggested, that there is a CORRELATION BETWEEN NUCLEAR-BOMB-TESTING and the NUMBER and FORCE of EARTHQUAKES – for which we are giving for proof the following source: Whiteford, Gary T.: Earthquakes and Nuclear Testing: Dangerous Patterns and Trends; In: ed.: DeMeo, James, Pulse of the Planet – ISSN 1041-6773 – 1,2(1989), p. 11-21  IF THIS TRUE we without any hesitation can go forward to the SUGGESTION, that socalled “CLIMATE CHANGING” with SOME CERTAINTY has a MANMADE FACTOR within it, that is twofold, a) from Nuclear-testings and b) from skalar-physics testings. To BE PLAIN HERE: CLIMATE AND EARTHQUAKES MAY NOT BE THE ONLY RESPONSES FROM THE PLANETARIAN SYSTEM, the BASIC MODUS-OPERANDI of which for first time – at least since Mahabharata`s  old Indian times – has been tapped into with Nuclear-testing and CONTINUED since then with skalar-physics testings (meaning: new skalar-physics weaponry of different sort)!!!

We now may turn to the context of Farrell-quotations above dealing with NEW theories around STELLAR-ENERGY of Russian NIKOLAI KOZYREV, who came to the idea, that widespread imagination of CONTINUED HYDROGEN-FUSION in STARS CANNOT BE THE TRUE SOURCE FOR STELLAR ENERGY, because this process is TOO WEAK for this purpose. Farrell source, The Philosopher`s stone jumps directly to RESULTS – and so  do we in continuing our reading:

” The Russian physicist Dr. Lavrenty Shikhobalov pit the matter with a succinctness and clarity that belies the significance of what Kozyreb had concluded: ” The scientist (Kozyrev) made a hypothesis that Time is a source of stellar energy.”(20) In other words, Kozyrev had concluded that the geometry of local celestial space is a determinant in the energy-output of fusion reactions, and that the latter, depending upon that geometry, will “gate” now more, now less, energy into the reaction itself as a function of that geometry. ” (p.155)

SURROUNDING time from SURROUNDING local space-time however has one specific in that she is GEOMETRY in MOTION and especially in SPRIAL-MOTION (of a VORTEX), SO THAT TIME CANNOT BE A SCALAR – as we learn from Farrell, Philosopher`s Stone, 2009, here:

” What made them” –  (quotators note: experiments of Kozyrev in 1951-1952) – “controversial was that Kozyrev viewed the spiraling pattern of nature and of life itself as a manifestation of time, (..) and that as a consequence of this view, time was not a dimensionless “coordinate point” or a “scalar” as scientists and mathematicians would call it, but that time was itself a kind of physical force, and a very subtle one at that. ” (Farrell, Pilosopher`s Stone, 2009, p. 153)

Well, with this we have collected all, to pose the following little problem, that nuclear-power-plants are NOT distributed ARBITRARELY on the globe and WHICH INTENDED EFFECTS MAY be willingly provoked by those “in power and in the know”? Well, THEY MAY WILLINGLY CREATE SPIRAL-GATES WITHIN LOCAL SPACE-TIME not only AFFECTING the SURROUNDING PLANETARIAN SYSTEM, but affecting the LOCAL SPACE-TIME SURROUNDING OF INSTALLATIONS ON EARTH as well – and their TRUE HIDDEN AGENDA SINCE NAZI-TIMES AND SINCE FREEMASONS INTERFERING WITH SCIENCE AND POLITICS may be – we really can guess only here – TO BECOME GODLIKE MASTERS OF SPACE AND TIME, let`s guess, TO TRY INTERDIEMENSIONAL TIME-TRAVELLING (which is not directly in Farrell, but to which Farrell nearly inevitably is hinting at in lots of places in his voluminous works …).


  • namely WITH WHAT RIGHT the FEW are PUTTING THEIR goals HIGHER than the not even asked MAJORITY,
  • namely with what RIGHT, EVERYBODY is put to ENORMOUS RISKS NEVER SEEN SINCE MILLENIA, including the FEW PLAYING GOD themselves,

  • namely that it CAN BE QUESTIONED a) TIME-TRAVELLING in general ( some people may prefer armchair-travelling?!) and b) SO FAR APPLIED METHODS to do or to TRY so …

  • namely that METHODS applied so far are some sort of “sucking” or “scientific VAMPIRISM” …

  • Well, I am a farmer and gardener – and I MYSELF rather would prefer, TO DERTERMINE THE TRUE GOALS OF HUMAN EXISTENCE – as are indicated for instance in especially ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY (and in CHINESE TAOISM and TIBETIAN BUDDHISM, to name at least some other traditions – with of course very possibly NOT IDENTICAL goals …)

    1. Japan quake, magnitude 9, March 2011 now CLEARLY shows the IMPORTANCE of “energy in form of electricity”, without which TODAY socalled “developed” countries with surprising rapidity RETURN TO A STATE OF STONEAGE! To have this VULNERABILITY avoided, we now may return to a remark made above, that it is possible to DRAW MORE OUTPUT THAN WAS INPUT from today skalar-physics construction of “vacuum” or “zero-point-energy”. The question however is, HOW THIS MAY BE ENGENEEERD. A more general direction for ENGENEERING has been indicated already, that is the proximity of “vacuum-physics” to LIGHT, leading immeadetly to OPTICAL “handling” or devices, say USING some sort of CRYSTALS, the latter not only in stage of “production” but  for “distribution” as well! With this we have to mention the “TAOI-“stones”” as referred to in writings of EDGAR CAYCE, who is linking them to PYRAMID-technology – and to GREAT DANGERS from the STATE OF MIND OF OPERATORS! Where do these DANGERS originate from? Well, if we have a near to UNIVERSAL AGENS, the “ether-vacuum”, it then is clear, that we have to expect a MULTITUDE of possible effects and applications to be drawn from it – including NEW WEAPONRY with PLANETBURST-capacity. WE ARE NOT YOKING HERE! And we are implying the ANCIENT THEOREM, “that there is NOTHING new under the sun”! However, these remarks may be hinting to a FAR AHEAD future, so that we here may only add the following: Pyramids have been built for MANY PURPOSES and therefor are of DIFFERENT CONSTRUCTION. SPECIAL Pyramids not only have something to do with PRODUCTION of “energy”  – and linking same to the PLANETARIAN SYSTEM and especially our SUN -, but with DISTRIBUTION as well – as may be learned from the very often overlooked fact, that pyramids are a WORLDWIDE phenomenon THROUGHOUT SEVERAL AGES – see: Braem, Harald: Die Geheimnisse der Pyramiden, München: Heyne pbk 1994; hardcover: Stuttgart, Wien: Weitbrecht 1992 [listing for instance pyramids from brick-materials in BRETAGNE and elsewhere from MEGALITHIC sites]
  • Now we may turn to TODAY PRACTICAL energy problems in just LISTING informations in trying to proceed from the more tangible to the less tangible.

  • 10.1 We at first might DOUBT, whether OIL-SHORTAGE is a REAL phenomenon. At least our informations are, that they found NEW OIL-FIELDS in ARGENTINIA, BRAZIL, CUBA, HAITI and GAS in the Arctic waters between Russia and Canada. Our informations say, that CUBA oil-fields are EXPLORED already by a Chinese-/Russian consortium, that in Haiti we have STRONG Canadian/French/US interests – which – partly – may explain the in parts not quite reasonable handling of the aftermath of Haiti earthquake, January 2010, magnitude 7.0 ( perhaps NOT Richter-scale!?) with extraordenary deathtoll of 300.000 dead. It is said, that amount of reserves in these new location is exceeding BY FAR reserves in Saudi-Arabia, so that one perhaps might argue, that ARTIFICIAL SHORTAGE is an advantage for the oil-INDUSTRY only, to keep the PRICES high – which of course could be questioned subsequently.

    10.2 Russian scientists brought forward a NEW theory, that geological processes resulting in oil-fields may be quite OTHER, than thougt (and teached) so far. This was based on FERGANA oil-fields, that since years have been given up because of exhaustion – but suddenly – as it seems – AGAIN deliver oil in economical interesting amounts, which is hardly to believe, because scientists normally don`t believe in  “creatio ex nihilo” (“creation out of nothing”) and therefor led the Russians to QUESTION the OLD GEOLOGICAL THEORIES with regard to developement of oil-fields.

    10.3 During World War II. the Nazi-Germans experimented with HYDROGEN-CELL as propulsion technique in submarines – and had great success with this in submarine-series U-XXIII (which are said to have been SUCH advanced, so that they  – perhaps – until 1960 or so were not surpassed by anything on the oceans … see keyword socalled “shadow submarines”, suddenly missing after World War II.) We really are NOT surprised, that in TODAY German submarines we find hydrogen-cells AGAIN – and that they are a GREAT TECHNOLOGICAL SUCCESS (sold to China, Israel … causing headache with regard to give aircraft-carriers efficient cover …) We are no specialist, but remember, to have read in the papers few years ago, that German BMW (?) car-manufacturer in meantime has reached the state to apply hydrogen-cell-technology on COMMERCIAL SCALE … We may say here: It is not for shure, that the military-scientific-industrial complex is – for unknown reasons – perhaps preventing hydrogen-cells to become for instance applied in TRUCKS and commercial SHIPS …

    10.4 Now we have to mention theories of PETER PLICHTA – see google – not only, because he detected in the PERIODICAL SYSTEM an underlying PRIM-NUMBER-STRUCTURE hinting to fundamental structures of the universe itself, but additional is suggesting in other books to “produce energy from sand” (“Benzin aus Sand”). The idea is simple at first glance: Plichta says, because Silicia and Carbon are in the same GROUP of periodical system, they should behave similar. which latter Plichta led to the idea, that if Carbon is known for its LARGE MOLECULE-CHAINS, those may be tried with Silicia similar. THIS IDEA OF PLICHTA AT MOMENT IS IN RESEARCH in GREAT INDUSTRIAL LABRATORIES – as German TV reported -, was SUCCESSFUL with Si-chains of 7 up to 13 Si-Atoms – but has a SIDE EFFECT, that is difficult to engeneer, that is: Those Si-chains show GREAT EXPLOSIVE potential – and they have to find something, to SLOW DOWN the process of energy-output – a very similar problem as was with Alfred Nobels Nitroglycerine becoming eventually TNT. Here AGAIN one feels not quite at ease, because there are nearly NO releases about PROGRESS in this research, which is rather odd, because the GREAT  labratories engaged cost in the MILLIONS and are PUBLICLY known.

    10.5 Only at end of this impressive list of options NOT DISCUSSED in public we find socalled “FREE ENERGY”-devices as some sort of ENGENEERING of the ZERO-POINT of VACUUM-PHYSICS. Even in this at first glance esoteric field we find some SUCCESSFUL engeneering – based on physics of JOHN WARREN KEELY (19th century) and with google keyword “Sympathetic Vibratory Physics” you can find in the web, people in the U.S., who sucessfully have RECONSTRUCTED SEVERAL KEELY-MACHINES (obiously for different purposes) … Keely-Machines and more experimental socalled “free-energy-devices” all over the web may be however not the last word in this field – because IT SEEMS, that in the military-scientific-industrial complex they somewhere ARE HIDING AWAY from the public APPLICATIONS FOR FREE ENERGY … so that the peoples of the world may continue to suffer from energy-shortages and to please those in bigbusiness and power … (and for instance in the SPACE-agencies heading to INTERPLANETARIAN WAR …) We may add here: THERE ARE IN OPERATION ALREADY space-vehicles with ANTIGRAVITATIONAL-propulsion technique – which of course is OUR interpretation of SOME of socalled “UFO-cases” … – something however, that to our so far estimation, THE NAZIS STUMBLED UPON ALREADY and what TODAY may be considered PERFECTED to TODAY USE in BLACK-SPACE-PROGRAMS the PUBLIC is NOT informed about …

    1. Result

    11.1 From informations of Buike Science THERE IS NO ENERGY CRISIS NECESSARY WHATEVER.

    11.2 From view of Buike Science we even have QUITE CONVENTIONAL options with regard to NEW OIL and GAS fields, GREATER than the reserves of Saudi-Arabia!

    11.3 We have verified reports about SUCESSFUL APPLIED ENGENEERING of hydrogen-cells as PROPULSION technique, which however seems to be somehow SLOWED DOWN … Well, there is enough WATER (or Hydrogen)  on this planet, to never again have energy-problems, especially for everything rolling on the streets.

    11.4 We have VERY PROMISING SILICIA-CHAIN-MOLECULES research based upon Peter Plichta, which at moment only COSTS in the MILLIONS – and it seems, that Peter Plichta himself somehow was “blocked” … Well, there really is ENOUGH SAND on this planet – to live without ANY energy-problems, if the Silicia-chains some day will work.

    11.5 With regard to TRUE “Free-Energy-Devices” from NEW SKALAR Physics (or Ether-Physics) reports are mainly experimental – with a great uncertainty. that (nearly) FREE OF CHARGE energy WILLINGLY is held back from the public.

    11.6 We now with great certainty may QUALIFY the TODAY newly inflammed discussion on nuclear-plants in Germany after the Japan megaquake of March 2011: THIS SUDDEN TURN TO SHUT-DOWN NUCLEAR-PLANTS BY A CHANCELLOR, WHO HELDS A DEGREE IN PHYSICS, MAY INDICATE, THAT IN GERMANY QUITE A LOT FROM THE POLITICAL ELITE KNOW, THAT NUCLEAR POWER IS BACKWARD – and even NOT NEEDED. Because: What Buike Science has compiled here is SECRET TO NOT ANYBODY with the propper study-background and reading-experience! We may add: Quite a lot of ENGENEERING, what we today call skalar-physics, started during Nazi-times in Germany – and  – as in case of hydrogen-cells – this may be a hint for explanation of GERMAN advanced discussion on nuclear topics … to get rid of them … including that military options of skalar-physics are exceeding by far oldfashioned nuclear-weaponry …

    11.7 We have to QUALIFY the discussion on socalled “green-energy” or “alternative energy” or “bio-energy” as well. As erverybody knows, the PERCENTAGE of “renewable energy” in ANY energy-mix HARDLY can exceed 30 % at BEST, with a probabilty to DECREASE to 10 % under the condition of increasing “hunger for energy worldwide”. This is one thing. There is another thing not so much preferable, that “renewable energy” has started to VASTE AGRICULTURAL SOIL – which of course, from any more traditional point of view, in A STARVING FROM HUNGER WORLD IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!

    11.8 Very sorry, but we have 2 things to be considered: a) possibility of ARTIFICIAL earthquake as part of today scientific warfare (with new weaponry from skalar-physics, not that easy to be detected) b) possibility, that “someone” (possibly non-human) is “active” with regard to socalled “Pacific firering” …

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