May-July 2011: new theories, next desaster warning

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1. After the moon-eclipse of 21st of December 2010 we issued  – in German –  an altered level warning for the possibilities for earthquakes, which indeed was followed by an impressive list of hits since then. This was not honkey-donkey but based upon NEW THEORIES and a specific method to navigate the unknown with NOT-COMPLETE information based on STATISTICAL ROWS OF TIMES, just counting DENSITY OF EVENTS.

2. Friday, 11th of March 2011, Japan was hit by 2  REAL MEGA-EVENTS, an earthquake, magnitude 8,8 (corrected to 9,0) followed by HEAVY tsunami – both surprising and UNFORSEEN.

3. This happend just yesterday – and today we have confirmed reports of AFTER-QUAKES, magnitude 7,0+, which are NOT SURPRISING, and may CONTINUE the next 3 weeks. Normally after-quakes are not that a problem, because of normally FAST DECREASING magnitude, which natural law is in effect of course this time too. Because of the FORCE of the TRIGGERING EVENT AT START OF EVENT-ROW we however this time have additional the following:

– a) There have occurred and will occur after-shocks, which EACH will have a CATASTROPHIC magnitude, including probability for additional tsunamis.

– b) Experts have uttered the estimation already, that this time span of time for after-shocks may be as long as 1 YEAR.

4. We must not go here into details of NEW PHYSICAL THEORIES of KONRAD MEYL – who is easy to find in the internet in German and English -, some sort of application of TESLA-ideas to advanced new “hyper”-physics, but take only 1 of his major findings, which is a CORRELATION BETWEEN ECLIPSES ESPECIALLY OF THE MOON WITH EARTHQUAKES – which, by the way, in some regions of the planet is PART OF POPULAR TRADITIONS.

5. So our work this time is easy – and we simply have to list ASTRONOMICAL PECULIARITIES and get the following RESULT-LIST:

– (19. March 2011) – PERIGEUM MOON (Germany), that is: Moon nearest to earth

– 01. June 2011 – partial SOLAR-eclipse (i.e.: the SUN), East Asia, Northern North-America, Island

– 15. June 2011 – total LUNAR-eclipse (i.e.: the MOON)

– 21. June 2011 – SUMMER SOLSTITICE of the SUN

– 01. July 2011 – partial SOLAR-eclipse, Southern Indian Ocean

6. We may now continue to QUALIFY the ROW OF EVENTS, that has build up since WINTER-SOLSTITICE of 24. December 2010 and SELECT from this row especially

– Chile earthquake, 03. January 2011, magnitude 7,1

– Chile earthquake, 11. February 2011, magnitude 6,3

New Zealand earthquake, 22. February 2011, magnitude 7,1

– Japan earthqake, 11. March 2011, magnitude 8,8 (corrected to 9,0)

PLEASE NOTE (from Wikipedia): Chile earthquake 27. February 2010 (LAST YEAR), magnitude 8,8 – and this HAD an impact on earth-axis OF COURSE !!!!

From this geographical list, we may NARROW DOWN our general warning to the REGION OF THE SOCALLAD PACIFIC FIRERING, where to EXPECT something new to happen May- Juli 2011.

If we take for our geographical list additional the

– New Zealand earthquake, SEPTEMBER 2010 (!!, last year), magnitude 7,1

we may continue to NARROW DOWN REGIONAL EVENT-PROBABILTY to NEW ZEALAND, South-American BELT OF ANDES – Mountains, which indeed is nothing surprising in general and secondly may be considered as indication for UPBUILDING PATTERN OF CONTINUED ACTIVITY, which again cannot be considered surprise in any sense.

6. From GEOGRAPHICAL list we may continue to derive a GEOMETRICAL PATTERN with events in OPPOSITE direction of Chile and Japan – but with MISSING SO FAR ACTIVITY OPPOSITE TO NEW ZEALAND, which would mean to EXPECT SOMETHING in NORTHERN AMERICA, say for instance ALASKA, may be even CALIFORNIA – just not to spoil the GEOMETRICAL SYMMETRY!

7. We cannot stop here

– because a) until WINTER SOLSTITICE (24. December 2011) we have  25. November 2011 another partial SOLAR-eclipse and on 10. December 2011 another total LUNAR-eclipse

– because b) we have start of NEXT CYCLE SOLAR-ACTIVITY

– because c) we have an OVERALL impression form ROW OF TIME AND EVENTS, that there is BUILDING UP something … some sort of CUMULATION …


FROM ALL THIS WE CANNOT EXCLUDE EVENTS MAGNITUDE 7,0 – 8,0   around MAY-JULY 2011. If we take into account the pattern of some sort of DELAY in our ROW OF TIME, the delay between WINTER-SOLSTITICE plus LUNAR-ECLIPSE 2010 to the following MEGA-EVENT Japan 11. March 2011, we may continue to the estimation, that WE HAVE TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT UNTIL the WINTER-SOLSTITICE 2011. And we add: A MEGA-EVENT like Japan 11. February 2011 is NOTHING LOCAL, but AFFECTS THE ENTIRE PLANET – and from this again, we cannot lower alert until December 2011.

If we said, THIS Japan 11.March 2011 event has affected the entire planet, this includes: the mega-quake itself plus the row of time and events WITH CERTAINTY HAD AN IMPACT ON EARTH-ROTATATION – and IF this was STRONG enough, a POSSIBLE consequence would have been an EFFECT ON THE AXIS OF our planet, the inclination of which, as everybody knows, is responsible for changing of seasons and for the design of  CLIMATE ZONES of the planet …

9. German ntv – clone of CNN – on 13. March 2011 is adding following informations:

– Japanese government has corrected the magnitude of quake to 9,0 (!!!)

– the entire country made a shift of 2 (or 2,4 in CNN) meters – unknown in which direction

– axis of earth has shifted 10 cm

– in the evening of 13. March 2011 was added: NEW volcano outbreak on southernmost island Kyushu, in volcano-complex of Mt. Kirishima, crater “Shinmoedake”, ash-pillar 4 kmtrs high. Please note: this complex returned to activity on 26. January 2011 (but in another crater) …

10. If it must be added: ALL SOURCES OF INFORMATION AT MOMENT CANNOT BE CONSIDERED RELIABLE WITH REGARD TO NUMBERS OF DEATHTOLL, because in estimation of Buike Science ZONE OF nearly total  DESTRUCTION is 2000 km in length (imagine a line from Hamburg to Rome!) and up to 5 km in width.

Additionally: town of SENDAI nearest to epicentre of quake is on report with 1 million population – but with ca. 30 million population in NEAR REGIONAL NEIGHBOURHOOD of – say – 100 km or so …

Additionally: information about height of tsunami wave is NOT CONSISTENT in sources and varies heavily between 10 meters to 18 or 20 meters …

Resumee: these inconsistencies causing uncertainty cannot be explained by normal means … and Buike Science would be very happy, if REAL and FACTUAL deathtoll will not exceed 300.000 dead …

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PS 1: Additional information, why we added sun-eclipses to Konrad-Meyl-theories. Well, Konrad Meyl says something, that ADDITION of MASSES of HEAVENLY BODIES make them behave like a BURNING GLASS or a OPTICAL LENSE or a (CONJUGATED?) MIRROR (in terms of advanced hyperphysics), which leads us immedeately to the IMPORTANCE of ALL the CLASSICAL PROBLEMATICAL ANGLES in ASTROLOGY, not only to the CONJUNCTION, which is the 0,0 – 10,00 degree only! (The Konrad-Meyl group at present is theoretisizing, that there may occur a CONCENTRATION WITHIN the FLOW OF NEUTRINOS – which they additionally say, shows INTERDEPENDENCY with PHENOMENONS from CLASSICAL PHYSICS, may be TRIGGERING them …)

PS 2: Well, it really is an ODD feeling, to have SUCH a result from lifelong studies targeted quite other and mainly historical, philosophical …

PS 3: Copy to Geoforschungszentrum Potsdam / Germany

PS 4: Possibility of MANMADE quake in the context of advanced scientific warfare as in reach in few advanced coutries excluded here and therefor skipped.

PS 5: Possibilities of some GLOBAL PATTERN for “re-engeneering” the entire planet, be it from SO FAR UNKNOWN MECHANICS of interplanetarian or interstellar PHYSICS, be it from some UNKNOWN “super-human” intelligence, skipped here because TOO MUCH SPECULATIVE …

PS 6: Expected however is, that the TODAY EMERGING HYPERPHYSICS or SKALAR-PHYSICS will lead to RETHINK, WHAT REALLY MIGHT BE ELECTRICITY AND RADIOACTIVITY AND GRAVITY, namely that they MIGHT be NEWLY DEFINED as some sort of “EFFECT FROM SURROUNDING ZERO-POINT VOID or AETHER”, perhaps eventually leading to the consequence, that POWER from radioactivity CAN BE GIVEN UP … and some sort of socalled “FREE ENERGY” made avaiable to the public – depending however on the GOODWILL of GOVERNMENTS and backing pressure groups from big business …


– 05.06.2011 – heavy volcano outbreak, Puyehue-massive, Southern Chile

– 06.07.2011 – quake 7,8, Kermadec Islands – East of Australia, Northeast of New Zealand

– 10.07.2011 – Sunday morning German n-tv and N-24 tv bring breaking news as text: NEW JAPAN-QUAKE, 7,1 – 7,3 Richter-scale – which was verified by t-online news in internet. This means, that Konrad Meyl theories are RELIABLE with regard to the critical TIME-factor in earthquake-warnings!

– 16.07.2011 quake 6.0 momentum-magnitude-scale – offshore Valparaiso, Chile

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