German nuclear plants – military conclusions

1. If we take for granted, that EVERY nation running nuclear power plants BY PRINCIPLE has the POSSIBILITY to develop – in SHORT time – uranium – and plutonium – nuclear bombs, we would have to RECONSIDER the German politics of SHUTTING DOWN nuclear plants and QUESTIONING the argumentation for “public consumption”, which is “environment protection”.

2. From military standpoint a shut down of German nuclear power plants thus would lead to the ASSUMPTION, that those plants ARE NOT NEEDED ANY LONGER BY THE MILITARY, lets say, BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO MUCH OLD-FASHIONED and FAR FROM STATE OF ART IN MILITARY.

3. This is after reading Joseph P. Farrell, Igor Witkowski (Poland), Tom Bearden and others NOT only mere speculation, because those authors have indicated, that SINCE NAZI-TIMES up to 10 nation have developed NEW VERY ADVANCED and VERY DESTRUCTIVE weaponry based upon SKALAR PHYSICS – among them “Western Germany” and today reunified Germany.

4. It now is NOT the problem, that German military MIGHT have READY FOR USE such NEW SKALAR-PHYSICS-WEAPONRY,
it is NOT the problem, that WE REALLY DONT KNOW, whether there is a NAZI-INTERNATIONAL UNDERGROUND, that – based upon a SERIES of RATHER DIRTY DEALS – might be in the PLANNING, FINANCING and CONTROLLING PROCESS of such very advanced weaponry:
THE PROBLEM IS, THAT THIS NEW TYPE OF WEAPONRY – which includes the potential of PLANET-BURST-CAPACITY – is delivering the ENTIRE PLANET and ENTIRE MANKIND to chance, to human or technical malfunctions – WORSE than in the bygone nuclear age!

5. If we take from the SPECIFICS of the underlying new physics, that this new physics can be described in ways of SYMPATHETIC MAGIC or black magick (resonance, mirrors, with sidetracks to socalled RADIONICS), we may feel inclined (very similar to author FARRELL, Joseph P.), to see lurking in the background something like a LUCIFEROUS IMPETUS, which would be needed, if preferring to CONSTRUCT a dichotomy between SATANIC powers and what in lots of traditions would be called “GOD”.

6. If we now try some sort of RESULT from this argumentation, we would tend to say, THAT SINCE THE TIMES OF THE MAHABHARATA and SINCE THE TIMES OF THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZEH MANKIND –  again –  IS engaged in a battle between GOOD and EVIL in just the SIMPLE FASHION Holy Books around the globe pose it. From this traditional PARADIGMA, we may take further characteristics,

– that EVERYBODY has to take side, especially because of the following SIDE EFFECTS of skalar weaponry  (genetical SET-BACK of entire mankind, short-living life-span, overall degradation of body-seize, down-dumping of brain-functions, creation of malevolent lifeforms like bacteria, virus and certain insects, set up of a CORDON SANITAIRE from the CENTER of our galactical system – the distribution of PULSARS today seems to be NOT arbitrary  –  CUT OFF of CONNECTIONS of planet Earth into SPACE to other space-civilizations)

– that NOBODY has ANY excusation, especially because this is a REPETITION, may even be not the first,

– that in the end ALL DEPENDS, whether, what the Holy Books call “GOD” MIGHT RESCUE WORLD AND MANKIND AGAIN, in NOT ALLOWING EVIL TO PREVAIL.

AND EVEN IF GOD WILL PRESERVE MANKIND IN THE TERRIBLE TIMES AHEAD, terrible because of NEW destructive powers in the hand of a NOT enlightened mankind, THIS WOULD NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN, that AGAIN our COMPLETE SOLAR SYSTEM AFTERWARDS will not show those TRACES OF DEVASTATION AND DESTRUCTION our today astronauts are under way to bring back some remains from …

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