Germans in Afghanistan: It gets CRAZY!

1.1 Some month ago we saw in Afghanistan something unexpected and terrible:
two gasoline trucks captured by enemy from Allied supplies to be destroyed, which was carried out by US war-plane causing some 146 or so casualties in life from VILLAGERS, that for ODD reasons surrounded the trucks, probably in unloading them, probably to help themselves or even more probably to help the enemy.
1.2. This SMALL INCIDENT – with even a SMALL bomb deployed on request of the German commander on the spot – in November 2009 had the following cumulative effects:
1.2.1 The COMMANDER IN CHIEF on the spot being indeed the Commander of the entire German detachement there – a PROFESSIONAL and TRAINED as CHIEF OF STAFF AND OPERATIONS in a DIVISION – is on “vacancy” – and not likely to return to Afghanistan.
1.2.3 The TOP GENERAL of German Army at home has been DISMISSED.
1.3 The German MINISTER OF DEFENSE during that war-operation was SPOILED his entire political carreer and suddely – after a MEDIA CAMPAIGN WITH A LEAKED PARTIAL VIDEO recorded by US warplane – was SACKED.

2.1 BE MORE POLITE and HELP THOSE VILLAGERS to unload your own stolen truck!
2.2 SEND A MAN WITH WHITE FLAG for to negotiate, whether it really is neccessary to kill in war, especially in case of enemy!
2.3 SEND YOUR OWN GERMAN TV-team FIRST – and afterwards make a FILM COMPETITION with your collegues from US warplane.

3.1 If GERMAN COMMANDERS ARE PUNISHED THAT HARD, why we do NOT HEAR of US commanders and pilots punished?
3.2 If there suddenly is a TARGETED LEAK of a VIDEO, is this public information or TREASON?
3.3 Is there in NATO any longer consent, what WAR means, namely that ENEMY TARGET should be hit and destroyed plus that casualties in life are sometimes inevitable, especially if enemy life?

4.1 GERMANY may deliver EXCUSE TO THE ENEMY in giving back to them two fully fuelled gasoline trucks.
4.2 GERMANY may sent a RESCUE TEAM for to repair ENVIRONMENTAL DAMMAGE done – because this bomb whole (as seen on video) may be felt offensive to some eyes.

TO PLEASE WHOMEVER THE COMPLETE GERMAN TOP LEVEL CHAIN OF COMMAND FOR THE AFGHAN THEATER HAS BEEN EXCHANGED – as if Germans can be treated like LITTLE SCHOOLBOYS – and before Germany is running out of personell for such sensible positions, the German Army should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, and as professional as necessery – may be better playing the RUSSIAN option, so not to lay too much STRESS on other Allied ressources of our friends, especially from the US!

Kindly regards
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