political danger from space-programs


YouTube interview with Joseph P. Farrell, USA

Under the presumptions,
– that nuclear tests can be scanned by intelligence inside and outside our planetarian system
– that modern physics and research of groups and nations are headed, to develop quantum-weapons, that can destroy PLANETS
– that destroyed glas-dome structures on the Moon, several characteristics on Mars and the asteriod belt can be interpreted in direction of PLANETARIAN WARFARE IN OLD HISTORY

BECAUSE non-earthly intelligence may REPEAT THE PUNISHMENT – as described in the story of the “tower of Babel” in Old Testament.

After reading of Joseph P. Farrell and Zecharia Sitchin we would like to specify DESASTROUS consequences as follows:

  3. BLOCKING OF HISTORICAL DEVELOPEMENT FOR MILLENIA – even by means of deceiption into wrong and senseless SIDEWAYS to NO AVAIL
  4. Set up of “in-the-box” THINK-PATTERNS near to “mind-control” or “cerebral blindness”

Therfore Buike publishing suggests:

    technology that mankind cannot OPERATE – only PARTLY reengeneer – because it cannot FULLY UNDERSTAND, so that just ENGENEERING them might result in desaster (of sideeffects for instance)
  3. TO STOP MILITARY OUTREACH INTO NEAR-EARTH-SPACE like for instance US “star-wars initiative” and unkown such initiatives of other nations (and “black-world-programs”)

Especially since there are in the air speculations, that PRESENT crisis in finance has to do “something” with rising money for advanced physics research for use in space, Buike publishing would like to emphasize:

If it MAY be true,
– that NAZIS MADE A DIRTY DEAL with the US and Russia in SPLITTING their FAR ADVANCED RESEARCH in several sorts of quantum-weaponry (of which nuclear bombs have been only part),
– that “export” of NAZI scientists led to DEEP INFILTRATION of US and Russian science and intelligence
– that a special dirty deal – in collaboration with the VATICAN and SWITZERLAND – was to transfer NAZI MONEY to “save havens”, NAZI money in such QUANTITY, that it can shock and rock the financial system AT ANY TIME, any NAZI comittee thinks propper, to make it operable for THEIR targets,
Buike publishing feels SOME URGE that the world should be ON GUARD not to face the necessity to FIGHT SECOND WORLD WAR AGAIN, because the nations FEARED blackmailing and because the nations were NOT aware of NAZI CHANGED POLITICAL STRATEGY to impose on the world some sort of “NICE BEHAVIOR DICTATORSHIP” .

So in the end Buike publishing repeats:
From what has become known from NATO-assessment 1960-1964 on socallad “UFO phenomenons” it is VERY CLEAR BEYOND ANY DOUBT, that planet Earth would have NO CHANCE AT ALL in any thinkable space-war-scenario with one or severeal of possible non-Earth based intelligent people numbering between 10-20 different sorts involved!

So again: STOP MONEY WASTING IN SPACE – and let us do our HOMEWORK here on Earth.

To those objecting, that without space-research there would be no progress on Earth with other methods, we would like to put a question:

WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS THE AIMS OF 1938 NAZI-German Schaefer expedition into Tibet (which so far we remember, may have been followed by a second one even during war!), that POSSIBLY CAME BACK WITH A COMPLETE COPY OF THE KANDJUR (may be with copy of TANDJUR as well)???

Perhaps something that we witnessed in CHINESE-propaganda report from Tibet on German TV, where to our astonishment a monk said, that nuclear bombs are DESCRIBED within Kandjur, so that they were not unexpected in Tibet, so that Tibeteans wonder, WHAT INDUSTRIAL EFFORT socalled “Western progressive civilization” needed ( we may continue: to something, that in the end may turn out to be AS SIMPLE as a SOLUTION TO SOME SORT OF GEOMETRICAL arrangement only, as we read in other source)

So ALL THINGS ARE PRETTY CLEAR even from open research sitting at home, we may adress the NAZIS INTERNATIONAL as follows:

COLD INDIFFERENCE may be thought of as “nice thing” to get where you want by RIPE and FORCE and POWER only. But be remembered, that from study of Egyptian history it may spring of the insight, that the UNIVERSE IS REIGNED BY LAWS FROM GRANITE FAR ABOVE HUMAN LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING, especially where the LIFE and developement of other SOULS is concerned!

And VERY LOUGHABLE to Buike publishing it seems, that ALL this far advanced NAZI research DID MISS THE POINT, that LOVE has some “PHYSICAL density”, so that outside NAZI faczination there is the strong rumor, THAT THERE IS NO STRONGER FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE THAN LOVE – meaning to ALL NAZIS and their modern followers – in such surprising lots countries today -, that they WILL FAIL WITH DEADLY CERTAINTY – and even have to face PUNISHMENT – that is: SOMETHING AS SEVERE AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.

By the way: If we have a look on problems in Near East, we may add: If it’s true that NAZI inspired research in the US and Russia is in search for OLD REMAINS of ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY we with some certainty may expext activities around GIZA pyramid and in IRAQUE targeted very similar like the crusaders in medieval times, that is: to GAIN SOME HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE of old antiquity – which may hold true for Chinese activities in Tibet … And of course: YES, modern NAZIS and some socalled “ARAB” leaders have a deep affinity AGAINST Israel … which makes some of activities of European Union even more questionable … And: YES, STRANGE reports from research in ARGENTINIA ( and – may be – neighbouring countries like Brazil) are DEEPLY SUSPICIOUS with regard to modern NAZIS …

For the sake to give DOUBT the chance for use in checking our statement, we now add – because NO HUMAN BEING can be ABSOLUTELY shure:

RUMORS in UFO-videos in YouTube – as collected in Playlists “space***” in channel ” BuikPublish” say something like:

  1. Asteroid belt is formed by 2 groups of remains with DIFFERENT AGE. One group comes with an ESTIMATED age of ca. 10.000.000 years, the second with an age of ca.3.000.000 years.
    And of course those scientists saying this are NOT SHURE THEMSELVES.
    But for purpose of military analysis for space defence of human race of Earth we may qualify:
    THERE HAS BEEN ONCE PLANETARIAN WAR – and this means, that our Solar system can be in existence afterwards. We may say even, that the PUNISHMENT reported from the story of the “tower of Babylon” must NOT NECESSARELY have to do with WARS, the result of which was the Asteroid belt!
  2. Abductee cases in UFO literature plus the “pattern of massacre on Human Race of Earth” during 20th century – as presented in another post here – MAKE IT QUESTIONABLE, whether MANKIND HAS THE RIGHT FOR DEFENCE EVEN IF INFERIOR TO ALIEN GROUPS WHO DO THIS AND ARE RESPONSIBLE for instance for the STATISTICS OF 100.000 people DISAPPEARED WITHOUT TRACE in recent 25 years, among them a surprising great number of HUMAN CHILDREN, that – AS SOME SAY – may be “preferable food” for REPTILIAN Aliens from Alpha Draconis. IF THIS WOULD TRUE Buike research would like to introduce the historical exemple from JEWISH GROUPS in POLAND and in Warszaw Ghetto, because THEY NEVERTHELESS FOUGHT the Nazis – to be honored for BRAVERY THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED AND VALUED IN ETERNITY!

And with these remarks it is PRETTY clear that Buike research CANNOT and WILL NOT stop here, but will continue with military analysis for SPACE DEFENCE in style of “war-game” – because SACRIFICE OF HUMANS philosophically CANNOT BE CONSIDERED A PROPPER PRINCIPLE ON LEVEL OF COSMOS – not to speak of the CHRISTIAN TEACHING that has STOPPED ALL SACRIFICE WITH REAL BLOOD!!!


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