weapons from quantum and scalar physics: reactions from space

  1. J.P. Farrell, The Giza Death-Star – German under title: Der Todesstern Gizeh, Potsdam: Mosquito 2008 – in explaining a phenomenon from old history is giving rather surprising outlooks into developement of today physics FAR BEYOND quantum relativistic theory and cosmology based upon her – with very astounding correspondences in OLD writers from old history, such for instance Greek PLATO.
  2. We may in special conclude, that Earth has not only since 1945 reached the point to destroy all mankind but in NEAR FUTURE will have the ABILITY TO DESTROY “bodies in the sky”, that is: PLANETS. This is NOT JOKING: they are working on that already from several angels … too much complicated to be explained in short for the general public.

  3. We nevertheless now need a rough STRATEGICAL EVALUATION for this developement in weaponry – with SOME weaponry based on these FUTURISTIC theories PROBABLY working already!

  4. The FIRST question is: Do the VERY FEW scientists ABLE to work on these theories – we may estimate some 1000 to 10000 researchers in CORE fields worldwide only – HAVE THE MORAL RIGHT TO CONFRONT THE MAJORITY OF MANKIND with methods of destruction FAR BEYOND ANYTHING IMAGINABLE even since nuclear-bombs of 1945???
    So nobody can have ANY real reason to doubt, what happens with morals, if it comes to extreme situations, namely that they tend to VANISH AT ALL, we may put the question in other words: WHAT MAY HAVE BEEN THE REASON that the MAIN weaponry – functions of the Giza-Pyramid at around 8600 BC were DISABLED in removing certain critical components, that we have knowledge from by SUMERIAN reports as interpretated recently by well-known Zecharia Sitchin?
    We perhaps can try to repeat the question from the angle of immanent working principles of the Giza-weapon, combining certain PHYSICAL FORCES OF PLANET EARTH, the LOCAL PLANETARIAN SYSTEM and even of LOCAL GALAXY:
    IF ANYBODY TAKES THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH USE, CAN HE AVOID TO GET INTO CONFLICT WITH COSMIC PRINCIPLES, a) higher principles that supported the galaxy TO COME INTO EXISTENCE AT ALL, b) the MAIN FORCE – physical and non-physical – in the UNIVERSE which sources of several kind “call” or describe or name as “LOVE”?? (Yes, you are reading RIGHT: We suppose here some “PHYSICAL density” of “love” …)

  5. All the single points brought forward in point 4. perhaps being TOO MUCH OPTIMISTIC we may continue as follows:
    5.1 WHAT HAS HAPPENED ONCE MAY HAPPEN AGAIN – even in the sense of Old Testament proverbial saying – from Books of Wisdom – : THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!
    5.2 There MAY however be something similar to a “LEARNING FACTOR” in THAT sense, that mankind – eventually – LEARNED to get rid of Hitler and Stalin and even PREVENTED SO FAR attemps for REPETITION! And in saying this, we suggest, that HISTORY MAY BE NO REPETION – or “circle” – of TOTALLY IDENTICAL events (and from conditions in COSMOS cannot be so …).

  6. Even this perhaps being TOO MUCH OPTIMISTIC, we now continue to the following:
    6.1 The very nature of Giza-weapon was a theory and practise of “interconnectivity of components”, which we may understand better, if using the WORDS from old writers telling something about some “sympathy of ALL cosmos” or “resonance with all”. The PRACTICAL meaning in problem at hand would be: THOSE WEAPONRY WILL PRODUCE “FINGERPRINTS”, that can be SCANNED – oh, not from mankind of Earth – but from OUTSIDE EARTH – with which we suggest, that there ARE HIGHER DEVELOPED BEINGS and planets in the universe, which not only can set up OBSERVATION in space, as mankind herself is doing, but which may be able, to INTERFERE and REACT. IF this holds true, we may CONCLUDE: BECAUSE of this special “interconnectivity with all cosmos”, “quantum-weaponry” under discussion VERY PROBABLY can and may PROVOKE REACTION THROUGHOUT THE COSMOS – NO MATTER how “far” away!
    6.2 “Interconnectivity with all” in quantum-weaponry would include, that we should be aware, to see PHYSICAL REACTIONS of the PLANET and within our SOLAR SYSTEM!!!
    And with this we suggest, that PARTLY presentday CHANGINGS IN NATURE very well CAN HAVE ADDITIONAL MANMADE CAUSES, nobody of the “world-leaders” was BRAVE and HONEST enough, to speak about so far!
    And this point we perhaps should narrow a bit to WEATHER-conditions and EARTHQUAKE-activity (including some volcano-activity) THAT SINCE THE FIRST NUCLEAR BOMBS OF 1945 HAVE changed already – as we would suggest – BECAUSE OF NEW RESEARCH ON WEAPONRY from NEW “HYPER-physics”! If we take into account the connection between “weak electro-magnetical fields” in MAN himself with surrounding conditions of electro-magnetical field of planet Earth we may even go as far as to presume: INCREASE of MENTAL-PROBLEMS reported especially from socalled developed countries very well MIGHT be a SIDE-EFFECT of research in “quantum-weaponry” of certain kind (NOT ncessarely from “mind-control- weaponry” ONLY, but as possible side-effect of HARP-project in Alaska for instance as well …).

  7. Within all those DANGERS, what to do?
    7.1 We would be not really surprised, if at some point, newspapers will tell, that few nations have established DIPLOMATICAL relations WITH ALLIES FROM THE SKYS – on government level.
    7.2 We would expect LOTS of attempts of “people from the skys” for DIRECT CONTACTS with individuals and nations – as may be part of the “UFO-phenomenon”.
    7.3 We would not really be surprised, if we suddenly would find, that curriculum of all major military academies will include STUDY of Indian “Ramajana” and “Mahabharata” (and chapter “Bhagavadgita” of latter)!
    7.4 We cannot EXCLUDE WITH CERTAINTY any such dramatics as SET UP OF RESCUE PLANS including temporarely or total EVACUATION OF PLANET EARTH – may be for those prepared to leave by FREE will …

  8. Final:
    8.1 Once Greek Solon according to the writings of Plato was told in the “priests-university” of Heliopolis in Egypt:
    ” WE have reports telling that the sun three times rised at the point, where she now is going to dawn – and vice versa. So you Greek are only THINKING, that you are OLD. But for us Egyptians you never have been something else than PLAYING CHILDREN!”
    8.2 If we take as some sort of consequence from presentday developements in advanced “quantum physics”, that the INBUILD mechanics of cosmos tend to “produce” something like “intelligent and compassionate observers” we do not feel anxious that something like “mankind” – this Earthly mankind or another one – EVER will vanish!
    8.3 Geological history of planet Earth is teaching VERY clearly, that whatever CATASTROPHE or CATACLYSM in the end LIFE ITSELF SURVIVED – no matter HOW MUCH it changed in appearence, so that we perhaps may repeat from Mysteries of Egyptian and Christian “Enlightnment”, THAT THERE IS NO DEATH!
    8.4 Can we try to go BEYOND J.P.Farrell and quantum-weaponry? Perhaps!
    To do this, it would be necessary to ask, whether the Giza-Pyramid was UNIQUE, the ONLY attempt to make something like a “copy of the sun”? And if we take Edgar-Cayce’s – paranormal and therefor open to questioning – writings as hint, THERE MIGHT BE OTHER BUILDUNGS SIMILAR TO THE GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA – not discovered yet. And if we take an age of the Pyramid of Giza of 50.000 years – or more – we may suggest, that WEAPON USE WAS NOT THE ORIGINALLY INTENTION – but some sort of DECLINE WITHIN OPERATORS, a sort of decline that MAY have something to do with our SUN being an INSTABLE STAR showing DESTRUCTIVE EFFECTS on BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE of life on Earth FROM TIME TO TIME!

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