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Bruno Antonio Buike, Neuss / Germany June / July 2009 MASSACRE ON HUMAN RACE in 20th century I. INTRODUCTION  Since years ASSESSMENT patterns for FUTURE of entire planet Earth until 2100 have been a major focus of our studies and … Continue reading

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deadly mathematics behind economics?

1. In presentday situation of fundamental crisis in finance system we perhaps can try again a view on BASIC mathmetics behind BANKING. This is the question: WHAT IS MATHEMATICS OF INTEREST RATES? As EVERYBODY with business training knows, it’s an … Continue reading

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political danger from space-programs

  YouTube interview with Joseph P. Farrell, USA ————————————————————————————————– Under the presumptions, – that nuclear tests can be scanned by intelligence inside and outside our planetarian system – that modern physics and research of groups and nations are headed, to … Continue reading

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weapons from quantum and scalar physics: reactions from space

J.P. Farrell, The Giza Death-Star – German under title: Der Todesstern Gizeh, Potsdam: Mosquito 2008 – in explaining a phenomenon from old history is giving rather surprising outlooks into developement of today physics FAR BEYOND quantum relativistic theory and cosmology … Continue reading

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